Hey everyone, my name is Rosa. I am a yoga teacher, podcast host and writer.


I think my story is similar to so many others out there.. I did what was expected of me in my life (get good grades, behave, work hard, go to university) but I always felt as though something was missing, and even though on the outside I had the ‘perfect’ life, inside I felt empty.

When I discovered yoga all of that changed, I transformed my life: I recovered from a 5 year eating disorder, healed and mended my relationships with others, changed my path to follow my dreams, and took back control over my own life. In the process of all of this I found an undercurrent of happiness within me which in the past I never knew was there.

I am still learning. I still make mistakes. My life is still a work in progress. Through sharing my journey I hope to inspire others and give them hope that life can be amazing. Wherever you are, even if you have hit rock bottom, your life can get better.

My message is really it is possible.. I have a deep belief that we all contain an infinite amount of potential, anything we set our minds to is possible.

So it is up to you to take that first step today. As Rumi says: “respond to every call that excites your sprit”, life is too short not too…

Much love