Finding your true self and letting it loose on the world…

This has always been a massive question for me. Who am I? I think everyone must struggle with this question at some point in their life. It is hard to know what is the ‘real you’ and what is just a reflection of the outside world.

As a teenager I struggled with this. I spent a lot of time ‘acting’ out a persona of who I thought I should be rather than living from the heart. This left me completely out of alignment with my true self and with a lack of confidence. I knew this was a problem but I couldn’t work out who the ‘real me’ was.

It is funny, I was a typical teenager and went travelling on a gap year to ‘find myself’. How predictable. (I didn’t go to Thailand though so luckily didn’t become the complete stereotype.) My confidence grew whilst I was travelling and I got constant glimpses of who I was and wanted to be, but when I came home I quickly started slipping back into the person that I used to be. Just out of habit I guess.

However in the past 6 months of living in London I have discovered myself more than I did when I was hiking in New Zealand or back packing round Australia. I think that is because I have realised you don’t have to GO anywhere to find yourself, simply look within. It is so obvious yet we rarely do it.

When I came to London I started at a yoga studio and immediately fell in love. I began practicing everyday and that lead to me also creating a strong meditation practice in my life. Both of these things have helped me look within and find my true, authentic self.

Now I feel completely happy and confident with myself and my body. It is such a liberating feeling after living for so many years scared and in the dark. Now I shine in the light everyday and I want you to do this also! It is so empowering living from your authentic self and I want to help everyone experience this.

Here are my tips for awakening the real you within:

  • Write a list of all the qualities you would like the ‘future you’ to have. For example mine where honesty and kindness. These are the qualities of the real you inside your heart.
  • Now take those qualities into the present and repeat ‘I am honest. I am kind’. Sit in a quiet space for 3 minutes every morning and night and repeat the qualities to yourself. The qualities you want the ‘future you’ to have, you already have! Please remember this.
  • Live by these qualities everyday. If you find yourself doing something that does not align with your qualities ask your self ‘is this the real me?’ and notice how you feel. If you feel ‘off’ then the chances are you are not acting from your true self. Notice this without judgement and align yourself with your values.
  • Peal back all the unwanted layers that are hiding the TRUE YOU. Each time you find a quality or habit that you would not like ‘future you’ to have then remove it. Give it up. Let go! When you notice it return then let go again. Continue to let go until it returns no more.
  • Spend time each evening writing or just saying out loud what you are grateful for. gratitude is immensely powerful and will change the chemistry in your brain and body. By practicing gratitude you will awaken the true you within. Everyone’s authentic self is full of gratitude so practicing this will help release it.
  • Finally make lists of everything that excites you; makes you tick. When you put pen to paper and really think about it you will discover the things you really love and enjoy doing. Then you can start living by that! You are bound to feel out of alignment when you neglect the important things in you life. Writing down will help remind you and you will also clearly see what is the real YOU or not.

So good luck to everyone who is ready to take the first step and awaken their authentic selves. It is an amazing choice to live from your heart; from your true self. I guarantee that you will feel the difference immediately, both physical and mental.

Remember that it is a journey that requires practice and patience but it is a path leading to the light.

So let your light shine. Shine bright for the world to see.



^photo from New Zealand, sunset in the Port Hills, Christchurch.

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