How To Start A Meditation Practice

Meditating every day is so so important in order to live a healthy and happy life. There are endless studies out there showing how meditation and mindfulness can have a positive impact on our daily lives. These include:

  • Helps reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improved sleep
  • More productive throughout the day
  • Higher concentration levels
  • Improves digestion

I meditate every day because for me it is ‘space’. When I am meditating I see it as space between all the busy and sometimes stressful things in my life. I find that meditation also creates more space. It creates space in your brain so you can chose the thoughts you want to have, e.g. positive thoughts. It creates space between an event and your reaction to it. In that space you can chose how to react, are you going to be angry or understanding? Upset or optimistic?

In the space that we create by meditating new possibilities can arise and that is really exciting. All of a sudden we have made room for stuff in our life and that is when we start to be showered with abundance from the universe.

Here are my tips for beginning your practice!

  1. So when you start meditating it can often be difficult. I had to get over a huge mental barrier before I started. I always thought it would be so hard but when I started I realised it was so much easier that I realised. You just sit there! It’s not difficult.
  2. When you are ready to bring meditation into your life I would recommend building up slowly. Start off with 5 minutes and then build up to however long you want to. I currently meditate for 20 minutes every morning and evening, but I am working up to 1hour (one day). There is no rush so take it slow and enjoy it!
  3. Next I would say it is really important to meditate at around the same time everyday. For example first thing when you wake up and a set time in the evening. This way it becomes part of your daily routine and you don’t have to think twice about doing it. Set a reminder on your phone so you don’t forget and I promise after a month it will be habit.
  4. My next tip is decide how long you want to meditate for before hand and then set a timer. That way you won’t spend the whole time you meditate thinking about the time or giving yourself excuses to stop early. You can just be present and forget about time altogether! This has been really helpful for me. (Although one time I didn’t hear my timer go off so I ended meditating for 45 minutes, which was actually a pretty big breakthrough because before then I didn’t think I could sit for so long and now I know I can and it’s actually fun.)
  5. Get comfy when you meditate! Find a cushion and sit on it. Work out how you like your legs so they don’t get cramp. Keep you back straight. It is very distracting when you’re trying to mediate and your leg goes to sleep or your bum hurts. So make it easier for yourself by making sure these things don’t happen to you, simple!
  6. Finally, I say to everyone out there who wants to meditate, ENJOY IT! Please don’t see it as a chore and dread doing it everyday. Or spend your time wondering how long is left. Just enjoy it. Try and change your mindset so you look forward to meditating every day. That way you will definitely be able to keep it in your routine forever. And it won’t be difficult either.

Your future you will totally thank you for spending time meditating and you will start to see it have an impact on your present life. Situations which once were scary and daunting won’t seem so bad. When people around you are stressed and acting like headless chickens you will be calm and present, feeling like a superhuman. People will ask your secret and you can smile and say there is none, just mediate and you can take on the world.


I hope this helps everyone. Good luck to anyone out there ready to start a mediation practice in their life. I wish you all the best.





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