Becoming A Warrior.

We are all warriors already.

I think before I go any further I should define what I mean by a ‘warrior’. I do not mean someone who goes into battles and fights. I am talking about a person who is empowered and strong and powerful yet also peaceful and kind. This is the true warrior, and we are all already there.

So if we are all warriors already why don’t we feel like one?

The world we live in today unfortunately disconnects us from our true selves and our heart. We feel out of alignment and confused. We don’t feel confident in ourselves because we are unsure who we are. This leads to many common western problems such as depression and anxiety, along with many physical health problems such as digestive, e.g. bloating.

Now I am not saying that ‘living out of alignment with our true selves’ is causing all these problems. But I am saying it definitely won’t help them. If we can all reconnect with out inner warriors then we are on the right path and it will 100% improve your health and mental wellbeing.

So how do you find this inner warrior?

Firstly, sit for a few minutes and repeat to yourself ‘I am a warrior’



You may not believe it at first but the more times you say it it will eventually come true. You will start to feel like a warrior and then act like a warrior and so you will BE a warrior. You will be there for those around you and strong to support them and yourself. You will be peaceful and kind and present. This is the true warrior.


The next step to igniting your inner warrior is through asana (poses).

Roll out your yoga mat and practice the warrior poses. Flow through warrior I and then warrior II, to reversed / dancing warrior. Repeat this sequence on both sides and keep flowing.

Focus on how you want to feel. Do you want to feel empowered or tired? Chose how you want to feel and then FEEL it! Be strong in your warrior poses and you will be strong in LIFE! Be peaceful in your warrior poses and you will be peaceful in LIFE! Whilst you are on the mat it is practice for your life. So spending time thinking about what you are going to put in and what you want out.


My last peace of advice is know that you are already who you are ‘supposed’ to be in life. Do not try hard to become a warrior by changing yourself and looking to others for advice. Look into your heart and you will see the warrior already in there, exactly as you are right now. Be empowered by the fact that you are perfect already and don’t have to change. Embrace it and show it off to the world.

Once you have found your inner warrior and you are leading an empowered, confident life which is YOUR creation then help others to find their warrior too! We are all warriors but we do need help finding it sometimes. So help others and share their pleasure of reconnecting with their warrior.

I will finish with a quote I love:

‘Do what you want to. People will criticise either way. Also worry less.’




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