I love music! It has always been part of my life and I just love the way it can influence your mood. When I put on music it instantly enhances my mood. It can make me feel happier, excited or sad. Whatever the emotion it is a good thing to feel it. Feeling is healing!

I was introduced to yoga to music when I was in New York at the Y7 yoga studio. They did yoga to hip hop music and gangsta rap, it was awesome! I became obsessed. I immediately came home and start practicing to Kanye and Biggie Smalls. I took my practice to the next level.

I find when I am practicing yoga to music I am able to truly express myself. It turns into a dance. All the movements flow and I immerse myself in the music and my breath. I forget about all my thoughts and worries and everything. I am just in the present.

Everyone is different and some people may not enjoy practicing to music. They may find it distracting or unauthentic. Personally I love it but even still sometimes I appreciate silence when I practice.

So depending what mood I am in I will have different playlists for the practice I am going to do. If I am tired after work I like to put Yoga Girl’s playlist on Spotify on and have a slow flow. I find she has the right combination of songs which I love and I can flow to and feel motivated. The playlist starts off slow but by the 4th or 5th song I am awake and feeling energised, so my ‘slow flow’ usually gets a lot faster and I sweat the day out. It is awesome. If I want something really energised from the beginning I have my own playlist on Spotify (Rosa Prosser, playlist is called ‘yoga’). Both playlists are perfect for a 90 minute vinyasa practice.

Sometimes I just enjoy putting an album on and flowing. At the moment I am loving Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN. He is my current obsession (still).

So if you are feeling unmotivated in your yoga practice I really recommend putting some music on and seeing how it makes you feel. It may awaken the dancer inside you and your yoga will flow. Just remember not to lose your breath in the music, but feel free to lose your thoughts and yourself. Totally immerse yourself it in and HAVE FUN! That is the most important thing.




^^Dancer’s pose by the river. To the music of the water.

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