Eating to Empower

Diet is something many people struggle with. ‘You are what you eat’ and so having an unhealthy diet does mean you will have an unhealthy life. This may mean that the relationships in your life aren’t going as you hoped or you are physically unwell. Whatever it is, improving your diet will have such a big positive impact on every area of your life.

I ‘eat to empower’. Now what exactly does this mean? It means eating foods that will fill you with energy and leave you feeling strong and motivated. When you eat like this you will feel good about yourself and treat yourself and others better. It will improve your body image because you are eating the right foods you will take better care of yourself. Physical health problems will also disappear, anything from bloating to acne.

Everyone’s ‘eating to empower’ will be different since everyone’s bodies are different. So don’t try and eat what someone else eats just because they look good or are full of energy. Experiment on your own body. Be present before, during and after you eat. Be mindful whilst you are preparing food and eating eat. Also try and be grateful for the food you have as this is a great way to stay present. You cannot be grateful and not present. If you are mindful when you eat then you will be aware of the signals your body sends you and you will stop eating when you are full. This is empowering because overeating causes you to feel tired and unmotivated. So eating the right amount will have the opposite effect! It will leave you full of energy. Food is fuel!

After a meal notice how foods make you feel. Do you feel good or sluggish? Play around with eating different foods at different times of the day to give you the best energy. Soon you will roughly know what foods work for YOU. Remember that you are your own best teacher.



I am vegan and have been for the past 3 years. This empowers me because I know that no animals are suffering because of me. On my journey to becoming vegan I have also become very conscious about the environment and the choices I make in life reflect this. I feel empowered by everything I do because I know that I am making positive decisions in life to help our planet and it is great to know I can make a difference.

If you want to feel empowered I would recommend going vegan.

  • Do it for your health and you will see such a big difference. Energy levels go up and your weight will go down until it reaches its natural weight and STAYS THERE! No effort needed.
  • Do it for the billions of poor animals that suffer everyday because of us humans. If you want to be educated on this subject definitely check out ‘Earthlings’ documentary. That played a massive role in me turning from vegetarian to vegan. If you want a more light hearted and easy watch then ‘Carnage’ on BBC is a great mock-documentary that also lays down a very clear argument for veganism whilst still being funny.

My last piece of advice for anyone ‘eating to empower’ is eat your fruit and veg. This is a pretty basic one but trust me it will make you feel a million times better. I try and eat more than 10 different fruit and vegetables everyday. This way your body gets a variety of vitamins and minerals and has all the nutrients it needs to feel amazing. I usually eat lots of fruit in the morning because it rehydrates me and has natural sugars to fuel you for the day. In the evening I get my greens in!

Again everyone is different so play around with eating your fruit and veg. Experiment with having them in smoothies or just as they are. There are lots of recipes out there if you need to disguise the fact you are eating your veg, for example sweet potato brownies are a classic and can be very healthy! I love Deliciously Ella’s brownies and she also does an AMAZING vegan beetroot chocolate cake, it is heaven!



So a few final words to you all.

Everyone deserves to feel empowered everyday and every moment in their lives. Changing your diet and do this. Don’t worry it does not have to be 100% healthy. Sometimes I find eating some chocolate can be very empowering. Just make sure you are eating the foods that your body needs and will make it feel best.

Yoga has helped me change my diet and feel empowered because it helps me be PRESENT! So if you are struggling try yoga. It is the best.

Have a great day everyone.




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