I practice yoga every morning. I prefer practicing yoga first thing in the morning because I find it is the best way to start my day: It wakes me up and stretches me out, so I feel good for the rest of the day. I feel energised when I step off my mat and ready to take on anything!

Personally I like to practice before breakfast because my stomach is completely empty so I am able to do more twisting and go deeper into poses without feeling sick.

I wake up naturally at around 6.30am. The first thing I do is drink a bottle of water that I keep beside my bed. I get so dehydrated during the night, and if I am doing a yoga practice I know I need to be well hydrated in order to perform my best.


After finishing my water I sit down on my mat and meditate for 30 minutes. I set a timer on my watch so I am not thinking about the time and then I just sit there. My meditation practice changes daily depending on what I need. Sometimes I am just ‘present’ and I listen to the noises around me. Sometimes I do breathing exercises (pranayama) to feel balanced. Sometimes I will focus on what I am grateful for.

It has taken me a few months of meditating daily to build up to 30 minutes. I started with 5 minutes and have gradually increased the time. I would definitely recommend everyone to start meditating (check out my blog post How to Start a Meditation Practice).  I can assure you it is not as hard as you think!


When I have finished meditating I put on some music and flow. I practice for 90 minutes and it changes my day. Very often before I practice I am encountering resistance. I don’t feel like practicing for so long or I just want to eat breakfast. But once I have my music on and I immerse myself in the poses and my breath then I completely forget about the resistance I was feeling. It all disperses if you just stick with it and don’t give up the moment something gets difficult or uncomfortable.

I start of my yoga in child’s pose or downward facing dog and slowly warm up. Then on to sun salutations. After that I continue to flow but usually do what ever I feel like. I will have a break in the middle to play around. Recently I have been working on my handstands so I play with them for a while. Finally I will back bend and then take my practice down, slowing my flow, finishing in Savasana.

I stay in savasana for as long as I want and then come into a seated position at the front of my mat. I think of everything I am grateful for and say thanks for my practice.

Then with a quiet mind and an open heart we bow, Namaste.




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