Maintaining a Positive Mindset (even when things go wrong)

It is very easy to be positive when things in your life are going well. I do this ALL the time. The real question is can you be positive even when things are not going as you had hoped.

Today the saddle of my bike got stolen. I got off the train to find my bike without a saddle. And as if someone was playing a cruel joke there was a saddle the complete wrong size on top of my bike.

I went to several different bike shops to buy a saddle but unfortunately none of them had one in stock that fit. To make matters worse it was raining and I was already sad after having to say bye to all my family.

So I was going from shop to shop getting more and more disheartened. Eventually I decided to call it a day and I set off on my 8 mile cycle home.

That is when I decided to take a good look in the mirror (figuratively speaking) and change the thoughts I was having. I started to focus on what I was grateful for instead of the situation I was in. ‘I am grateful to the people for not stealing my whole bike’ I thought. ‘I am grateful for my rain coat. I am grateful to the people that helped me in the shops.’

This completely changed my mood. Seconds ago I was ready to cry and now I was suddenly starting to feel a lot better. I even started to laugh at my situation. It was pretty funny riding home without a saddle. And it has definitely been a good work out for me.

Now I am home I am grateful for the warm and dry pyjamas I am about to change into and also the hot meal I am about to eat. I feel so happy and positive.

This could have been very different though. I could have arrived home in a mood and upset about something that I have no control over. Then I would have taken that frustration out on those around me and made myself feel even worse.

This is a great lesson, a test, from the universe. Can you really keep that positive mindset whatever is thrown at you? Today was a test and I think I passed. I am so grateful to be able to learn everyday from the things that happen to me. I learn not to judge anything as good or bad. And I learn not to be unhappy or frustrated about things I can’t control.

Now I have learnt these lessons I will try to remember them. I will also share them with you, with the hope that if anything goes wrong in your life you can also laugh about it.

Laugh about it whilst it is happening to you.



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  1. Ohmygoodness! You had a day, didn’t you? It’s amazing what making that conscious decision to change the mindset does. It’s not always the easiest thing to do, but it sure feels better when we do! Thank you for sharing your experience! Namaste.

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