I want to motivate anyone out there today who has chosen not to do something because they think it is too hard. I want to tell them this – it is not as hard as you think it is. I promise.

I have been putting off going for a run for a while now because I thought it would be too difficult. I used to be a very keen runner and ran everyday. Since getting injured last year and travelling I took a break and have missed it dearly.

I recovered from my injury but still didn’t go running. Everyday that passed it got a little bit harder. I was scared of going back to it and it being difficult. I knew that I had lost all my running fitness and that I wouldn’t be as fast as I used to be (obviously) so I didn’t go for a run.

For some reason I went today. I think it is because I didn’t really think about it. I didn’t give myself time to think about the pain or anything else. I just went.

And you know what? It wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be. In fact it wasn’t hard at all.

This happens all the time in my life and I’m sure others are the same. In a yoga pose I tell myself it is too hard and don’t try. But when I do try the pose it isn’t difficult at all.

If I have to have a difficult conversation with someone I might put it off because it is ‘too hard’. However when I eventually have that talk it goes fine.

We all have these moments everyday. But in these moments we have a choice. We can either chose to agree with that voice inside our head and we give up because something is ‘too hard’. Or we can chose to ignore that voice and actually do the thing and then we realise it isn’t difficult at all or is wasn’t so bad.

How do we even know something is going to be ‘hard’ anyways, before we have even done it! We don’t. We don’t know anything. Keeping an open mine and admitting to ourselves that we don’t know everything in life will get us much further. Sometimes we need to stop thinking so much!

So I hope anyone reading this feels motivated to go and so something today that they had given up on because they thought it was too hard.

You might be pleasantly surprised that it isn’t.

You may even find yourself enjoying it.



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