Creative Visualisation

Creative visualisation is a very powerful tool. It is a technique in which you use your imagination to picture scenarios in your minds eye with the intent of manifesting them in your life. Creative visualisation can be used to achieve your goals, to make your dreams come true and to have all your desires in life.

However for creative visualisation to work you must be patient and detach yourself from your desired outcomes. This is done by creating a strong sense of trust in the universe and having the trust to step back and let things unfold in their natural way. If you would like to know more about this I recommend reading ‘The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success‘. Deepak Chopra, the author, explains it very well and talks about all the other components needed in order to succeed.

When we spend time using creative visualisation, impulses are fired in our brain. This creates new pathways between neurones and results in changing our behaviour and habits. If we use creative visualisation in the right way then it can result in new positive habits which help manifest our dreams.


Creative visualisation can be used on both a small and big level. In our everyday lives creative visualisation is used a lot and we may not even realise it. It is commonly used by sports professionals to imagine their perfect goal or race. This helps them perform well and succeed.

I use creative visualisation in yoga. Jumping from downward facing dog into crow can often be difficult and scary. When you picture exactly where you want your legs to land and how it will feel makes the movement a lot easier. For me it feels like my body knows what I want it to do when I have imagined it so the transition happens smoothly.

To incorporate creative visualisation into your everyday life on a small scale I recommend spending time in meditation every morning. Use this time to picture EXACTLY how you would like your day to go. What would the perfect day look like? Smell like? Taste like? What emotions would you feel and how would your interactions with other people go? When you have finished meditating you will bring these emotions and feelings into your day and you will have the day you pictured.


Creative visualisation can be used to achieve big things in life such as your dreams. Used regularly it can play an important role in helping you achieve what you want in life. Write a list of all your dreams and desires. Keep that list with you wherever you go and look at it before your meditation twice a day. When you are meditating imagine the process of achieving those dreams and also the outcome. Try to imagine it in the present tense and first person, this will make it seem more real.

The universe works by turning the un-manifest into manifest. The movement of energy is what makes this happen. By using creative visualisation you can use your thoughts to guide the energy in the universe to manifest your dreams.

Key Points:

  • Quiet your mind before creative visualisation by meditating
  • When deep in meditation start to visualise what you want
  • Do this regularly, I would say twice a day
  • Remember to use all your senses when you are imagining something and use your active imagination
  • Be in the first person and present when you are visualising


Lastly I just want to say remember to be patient and trust in the universe. Don’t be disheartened or give up if your dreams are not manifested straight away. Keep in mind that the universe has a divine plan for us all and it might not be exactly what we want. But everything happens for a reason so be grateful for whatever does happen.


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