I have many dreams. I recently wrote them all down and they filled a whole page of my notebook. And by ‘dreams’ I mean ‘a cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal’. Not ‘a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep.’ (Although I have a lot of them as well).

The question I want to ask (and possibly answer) today is ‘Is it ok to dream?’ 

You might think the obvious answer is YES of course it is! Life is all about dreaming and reaching for the stars. If you don’t do that then what is the point. I have to admit that was always my opinion on this subject however there are two sides to every coin..

Maybe dreaming isn’t a good idea. By ‘dreaming’ we might be putting our expectations on unrealistic desires and assuming they will come true or we deserve them. When our dreams don’t manifest into reality then we are upset, disappointed and disheartened. Happiness is famously expectations minus reality. So surely if we didn’t have ‘dreams’ we would be happier? We should be grateful for what we have right now and want nothing more.

On the other hand, life might be a bit mundane if we didn’t have our dreams. It is always motivating to have something to look forward too, such as living in a big house one day or going on holiday to your dream destination. These might not be things that are going to happen this year, but even knowing there is a possibility of them happening in the next 10 years is exciting.


Like I said, I have many dreams. They range from the completely unrealistic I don’t know how I will ever achieve it, to the very practical which will almost certainly come true. For example one of my biggest dreams is to open up a cafe. A more realistic dream of mine is to have children one day.

I think it is important to have many dreams on your list but ranging from very big to very small. You should also come to terms with even the small dreams not coming true and being ok with that. It is great to ‘dream’ but you should also be happy with reality.

So I have all my dreams and if even one of the smallest ones came true (like my dream to have children) I would be over the moon. Having small dreams on your list is great because they are more attainable and we feel content when we achieve them.

I think my conclusion to the question ‘is it ok to dream’ before I even began writing this post is YES. However, you should only dream if you are ok with the fact the might not come true. Have dreams but also stay in the present and be happy with what you have.


You should want everything that you have, but not have everything you want. 

This applies to your dreams. See your reality as a dream come TRUE, whilst also reaching for the stars.

Nothing in this world is impossible.



Oh I also mentioned that DREAMS DO COME TRUE! One of my biggest dreams was to have a gap year and go travelling to New Zealand, and I made it all happen. This picture just sums it all up for me: the excitement, fear, uncertainty, trust, exhilaration. They are all the emotions which surround ‘dreaming’, but it is all worth it.


Please let me know your thoughts about the question ‘IS IT OK TO DREAM?’ I would love to hear back from you all!

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