The Power Of Giving

The value of a man resides in what he gives and not in what he is capable of receiving             – Einstein

We should all give something to everyone we encounter during our day. Whether you give them an object, a flower, money or just a smile or a compliment. Giving everyone something will help the abundance to flow into your life.

However you must make sure you have a good intention behind your giving. Do not give and expect to receive. Your motive for giving should be to create happiness for other people, and this happiness will give you joy.

I experienced this very powerfully yesterday. I have been making an active effort to give something to everyone in my day. Mainly I just give compliments or a smile or a hug. Yesterday however I found a Tupac record that I knew my brother would love, so I gave it to him. It made him so happy and seeing him happy just made me so happy. I actually welled up with tears I was so full of joy. Reflecting on it I knew it was a big step in my life. The old me would have kept that record, but that wouldn’t bring me happiness. I realised that all the objects I have are useless to me. Sharing them with other people brings me much more joy than an object ever would.

The idea is that together we create a chain of giving. You give to one person, then that person may feel inspired to give to another, and that person another.. and so it continues. Until one day you start receiving from all those around you. So you give in return.

For our lives to be in balance we must keep giving and receiving from others in balance. So don’t be afraid to receive, be grateful and take those gifts. And make sure you give in return.

When you give a smile or happiness to someone you do not lose anything, in fact you are creating something. Now you may both enjoy happiness and you will both smile. This is a very special thing.

I hope to give everyone reading this something today. I hope that feeling of being blessed.  I am blessed and I want to share that with the world.

You are blessed also.



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