Meditation is great. There are so many benefits to having a daily practice and a lot of research has gone into the positive effects.

To briefly outline what effect meditation can have if you practice everyday, even just for 5 minutes before your day or 5 minutes before you go to sleep in the evening (this is just naming a FEW):

  • reduce perceived stress
  • improve sleep quality
  • improve multitasking
  • improve memory
  • improve concentration
  • reduce risk of depression and anxiety

If you want to find out more I have linked some great resources below which have a lot of information and also the evidence if you still need convincing.


So how can you fit meditation into your life? I used to think I didn’t have time to meditate everyday or didn’t have the patience to sit still. But this is so not true! If we can ignore these mental barriers we set ourselves we can actually do anything and realise that it is not difficult at all.


  1. Find a comfortable seat, make sure your spine is elongated and straight. Try to be somewhere quiet with little distractions. (This will make your life a lot easier).
  2. Once comfortable set a timer for 5 minutes and then close your eyes. Start to focus your attention inward and on your breath. Calm your mind.
  3. Notice everything about your breath. How does it feel? How long is each breath? Notice the pause between inhalation and exhalation. Listen to the sound. Be completely mindful and aware of your breath, don’t try to change it, just notice.
  4. If any thoughts come into your mind that is ok. Notice them and let them go. If you feel yourself being distracted that is ok. Gently bring your awareness back to your breath. Do this every time you feel yourself drifting. Do not judge yourself for having thoughts, simply let them go and focus on your breath.
  5. Start to visualise your breath. On your inhale picture your breath starting at the base of your spine and slowly drawing up until it reaches your chest. Picture your breath as full of light and energy. Giving vital life energy (oxygen) to your body.
  6. On you exhale imagine your breath continuing up your spine. It moves from your chest up your back to your head. See your breath leaving your body by the crown of your head. Watch your breath dissipate into the world, releasing anything that needs to be released from you.
  7. Feel your spine grow in length and elongate as your breath travels up it. Feel empowered by having this vital energy move through you, helping you grow physically and spiritually.
  8. Finish by picturing your breath in your heart. See light there. Think about all the things you are grateful for and feel that gratitude in your heart. Release it into the universe on your exhale.
  9. When your timer goes off bow your head and say thank you and namaste. Put your hands at your heart in a prayer position and silently thank the universe for everything.
  10. Continue into your day with a sense of lightness, gratitude and grace.


I hope this was helpful for everyone out there! Try it and see the effect it can have on your day and your life.

Please let me know your experiences I would love to hear back.

May the light in me honour the light in you.




  • Headspace app is a great app for practicing mindfulness. It has videos and guided meditations and encourages you to use it everyday.
  • has information about mindfulness and also provides the evidence and research into mindfulness.
  • has a great article on the history of mindfulness and how we came from Buddhist meditation to using mindfulness in medicine.

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