Using Meditation To Manifest Your Dreams

I completely believe in manifestation. If you believe and use it correctly it can be a very powerful tool. So far it has worked in my life without me even realising what I was doing. Now that I have became a lot more interested in it and done research, I have begun to incorporate it into my daily meditation. I will share with you my techniques for doing this and what I have learnt.

I just want to stress the point that before you start to manifest anything in your life you should be completely grateful for everything that you have at the present. We will not be able to give out the right energy needed in order to manifest if we are not grateful and content with out present situation. Try writing a list everyday of what you are grateful for and in every situation start to LOOK for gratitude. Soon it will come naturally and then you are ready to manifest abundance into your life.


I started by every evening having ‘manifestation time’. This is around half an hour every evening where I just sat down and wrote everything I wanted to manifest in my life. A great question to ask is: ‘If money wasn’t an issue what would you do with your time?’ I also spent time picturing the perfect day and then writing down everything I wanted to manifest from there.

It is important in this time that you are listening to your heart. This may sound silly but trust me. When you are listening to your heart you are listening to your INTUITION and AUTHENTIC SELF. This means that you know the ideas you are having or choices you’re making are coming from the real you and not external influences. It is very easy to see things around us and be influenced by them. For example you may see a friend who has just been on holiday to New York and you think you want that. So you may try to manifest a holiday to New York but if you really think about it you know that deep down you hate cities and definitely don’t want to go to New York. It is just that your EGO saw what she had and wanted it.

This is common for all of us and it shouldn’t be judged. It is just good to be AWARE of this happening. If we realise that we are being influenced by external factors then that is great. We can sit down and really think about what we want. If we decide that we still want that even though it was influenced by someone or something else then that is ok. The main thing is that we are making the decisions and we are AWARE that we are making these decisions.


After practicing your ‘manifestation time’ journaling for a few weeks it is time to turn this into meditation. Before you do this try and write a list of all your dreams and desires you want to manifest. Once you have this list you may begin.

Look at your list of dreams before you go into meditation. Then close your eyes whilst sitting comfortably and calm your mind. Focus on your breath for a few minutes and let all thoughts drift away.

When you are in this still space in your meditation practice it is time to release all the desires and dreams you wish to manifest. Release them one by one into the universe. Maybe say them out loud or just think of each dream individually.

Now it is time to let go. Let go of those dreams and trust them to the universe. Focus on your trust in the universe and say it out loud with certainty.

I trust in you. 

I trust in you. 

The universe will hear you and respond in time, presenting you withe the opportunities to achieve your dreams or the dream itself.

Spend the rest of your meditation feeling grateful for everything you have and try to radiate that energy out into the world.

Finish with a silent pray and say thank you. Finally with Namaste.


Practice this manifestation meditation every night. Releasing your dreams one by one and cultivating your sense of trust in the universe.

Patiently do this and you will manifest your dreams.

Keep your eyes open to the opportunities presented to you and gratefully take each one.

Remember gratitude is key.

And you are deserving.



If you need more help achieving your dreams then this is an amazing book! The seven spiritual laws of success.  It is one of my favourite books ever and has helped me so much on this journey. Would definitely recommend.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. A friend and I were just talking this weekend about how important it is to change our attitude to be grateful instead of annoyed with what we can’t do. We both tend to be very “busy” people and are on a conscientious journey to slow down and look within ourselves for what is important and what we are grateful for – the first step in your post and on this journey. I’ll heed and share your advice regarding the next steps on the path. Namaste.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I am so glad this was some help! Yes I am completely the same always busy and rushing about, I used to think that it was good to always be ‘busy’ but now I have realised taking the time just to enjoy the little things in life is so essential. Namaste as well! x

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