You Are Not What You Do

I wanted to write this post because on my run this morning I realised something: Our identities are not defined by what we do, what we wear, who we hang out with or any other external factors like that. Who we are is something deep rooted within us.

Take for example myself. I used to run a LOT and I thought of myself as a RUNNER. I thought this defined who I was and when I stopped running part of me felt lost.

But this morning I realised that firstly, what we do does not define us. So if we stop doing something we used to do a lot it does not mean we are a different person. Change is good and it is healthy to explore what you like and partake in lots of different things in your life. Don’t feel confined to just one thing because it is ‘your thing’. Do whatever you want.

Secondly I realised that we are already everything we want to be, and were, and are at this very moment. I’m not sure if that makes sense but I will try to explain. If you used to do a lot of running and called yourself a runner you are STILL a runner. If you have never ran in your life, you ARE a runner. We are all everything already. We get to decide what we want to be but also whilst knowing we are ourselves and that is enough.

I find it so exciting to know that.

SO please everyone, know that you are enough and know that you are YOU, whatever you do. You are everything and also nothing because you are just you and nothing else.

Be unapologetically you.

Do whatever you want.



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