Healing From The Ground Up

Do many of you think about your chakras when it comes to healing?

Up until now I haven’t really given them much thought. But I have recently been getting interested in them and doing some more research.

We have 7 major chakras located within us, these are basically energy centres in our bodies where energy flows through.

The root chakra is our lowest chakra and located at the base of our spine. It is red in colour and associated with feeling grounded and secure. If it is blocked then we can have emotional issues relating too survival and financial independence as well as money and food. The physical issues which may manifest if we have a blocked root chakra are: joint pain, lower back pain, anorexia, obesity and poor immune function.

This interested me because I have started to get some lower back pain which is very unusual for me. I have a healthy yoga practice and life and couldn’t understand why I was getting this discomfort. After reading about the chakras I realised it was because I was leaving home in a few days I felt ungrounded and that was resulting in this pain. My root chakra was blocked.

I have decided to heal from the ground up. I will start with my root chakra and when that is healed move on to the next chakra (the sacral chakra located just below the belly button). By focusing on each chakra individually I can unblock any stuck energy there and but the associated areas of my life into alignment. It seems sensible to me to focus on one area at a time so this is what I will do.

Like a tree we need strong roots before we can expect to grow branches. I will grow my roots and be patient, waiting for the correct season to bloom.

So there are many ways to heal and unblock your root chakra. I have started with grounding meditation. I do this by imaging roots spreading below me and going deep into the earth when I meditate. Focusing on your breath whilst meditating is also very important to feel grounded. You should also do this throughout the day even when you aren’t meditating. Remember you breath is always there and always stable. So focus on it anytime you feel ungrounded and it will help calm you.

Yoga will also play an essential role in unblocking your root chakra. Yoga poses such as wheel (Urdva Dhanurasana) are very grounding because we feel the connection of the earth to our hands and feet. We root down in order to hold wheel, so this grounds us. Also doing lots of ab work in your yoga practice will help unblock your root chakra because your core is your stability. Strengthening this will help you feel stable in your life.


Other fun ways I found that help heal your root chakra include: stomping on the ground in bare feet, hiking, eating red foods such as beetroot and spices, listening to pipe music.


You may not believe in this but stay open minded and have an experiment. Play around with these methods of unblocking your root chakra and see what effect it has on your life. Most of us do feel unstable at some point or another so it is useful to have a set of tools to deal with that feeling when it occurs.

Stay grounded in order to blossom and reach your full potential.


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