Ways to Meditate

So when someone says ‘meditate’ it makes you think of a monk sitting in lotus position and emptying their mind of all thoughts and probably sitting there for several hours. You think I can’t possibly ever do that and just give up hope of ever meditating yourself. But let me let you into a secret.. You don’t actually have to ‘meditate’ to meditate.

Meditation can be done at any time, any where, when you are doing ANYTHING! So you don’t have to be sitting down. If you find it hard to sit still for half an hour then that is ok, you could go for a 30 minute walk and meditate then. Running, walking, yoga and many other activities are all forms of ‘moving meditation’. They are just as good for the brain as sitting meditation and have all the positive effects!

You meditate when you are completely in the present moment. This can be done whilst doing any activity. To try meditating in an activity, firstly focus on your breath and what you are doing. This will bring you to the present moment. Notice your thoughts but don’t hold on to them, let them drift away and keep your focus on the present. Try to find ‘flow’ where you are doing something and so absorbed that you forget about time and everything else. This happens to me when I run or practice yoga and it is amazing. It is pure joy and if you can find something that makes you experience that then you should do it everyday!

Other ways to meditate not involving meditation are doing art work or listening to music. It is very easy to forget about time and just immerse yourself completely in the music or the art. This is brilliant and it IS meditation. You are probably meditating daily without even realising it.

So this Sunday try doing something you LOVE and look for the meditation within it. You will probably be very surprised that you have been meditating all along! See it isn’t as hard as you think.

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  1. Truth, Sister. It’s not always easy to find that niche of time to “meditate meditate,” but absolutely being In The Moment is a wonderful way to practice, even if it’s not in lotus. 🙏🏻

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