Stripping Back The Layers

This evening when I did my yoga practice I stripped back all the layers. I removed the distractions that I usually have: I took off my watch and didn’t have any music. There was nothing but me and my mat.

It was amazing. I felt more present than I have ever done before. Removing the distractions meant that I only had my breath to focus on, so that is what I did. I was unaware of the time, just completely in the flow.

When I finished I tried to bring this presentness off my mat and into my life. I started focusing on ONE thing at a time. This may sound simple but it’s actually super hard. We go through our lives constantly doing something whilst thinking about something entirely different. Doing ONE THING and focusing COMPLETELY on what you are doing is so foreign to us, it almost feels unnatural. We have to unlearn this habit and strip back the layers until we remember how to be present and focused and not distracted.

Everyday I learn so much from my yoga practice, and today was a great reminder to stay present. I hope you all learn and continue to learn , both on and off your mat.



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