Thursday 17th August..

I don’t think if I will ever find the words to express how I am feeling right now.

I am so completely high on life.

I feel so amazingly happy that I am trying hard not to cry.

This feeling is accompanied by the greatest gratitude to the universe, excitement and trust. I feel this because I know the future holds amazing things for me and everyone else, how could I not be excited.

Honestly how wonderful is my life. I feel so lucky to be in love with the present moment and have no fear for the future.

I am not afraid of uncertainty any more.

I have trust.

I am so in love with life.

And I just wish that everyone else will feel this way as well.

Love to you all.




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  1. May your journey be amazing. I feel the same too, and a few people around me, too.
    Maybe there is something goin’ on in the star constellations as well. If not, well, at least only thing that counts is that you are happy and lucky. Have a wonderful day!

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