Feelings of Frustration

This morning I am feeling frustrated. It is frustrating me that I don’t know why I am feeling frustrated. As mornings go I have had the perfect one. I woke up naturally quite early and drank lots of water. Then I took my dog on a barefoot run down to the river. It was pouring with rain but so beautiful and I just stood in the river and laughed.

I ran home with her in such a good mood. For breakfast I chose to eat something to nourish my soul and make me feel good. Instead of having chocolate cereal I had a juicy smoothie with spirulina and dates on top. It was so yummy and I definitely felt good after having it.

But now a few hours later I have this gnawing feeling of frustration and I don’t know why. I know however that I will end up taking it out on those around me, and probably myself, if I don’t address it right now. 

Feeling is healing and the more I sit with this frustration the more I feel it flowing away. It is as if as I write the writing is releasing my negative feelings from my body. I am often hesitant about sharing negative feelings because I try to be a positive person and I don’t want others around me to feel bad just because I am. But I think this has the opposite effect to what we want.

If we suppress any feelings, negative or positive, they will still find a way to manifest in our lives and often they will pour out from us in unwanted ways. If we acknowledge our feels and give them the time they deserve then they won’t make unexpected bursts from us. Realising that we are not our feelings is important. Just because we wake up and feel negative that does not mean we our a negative person. We are still who we are, however we feel.

It is important to understand that whilst we cannot change how we are feeling we can do something about it. If you feel frustrated (like I am) you cannot change that. You should feel it in the present moment and just let it be. But you should also know that you can do something about it for the future! Working out why you are feeling how you are feeling and resolving that will help. Also recognising what you can do to make you feel how you want to feel. If you want to feel happy then do something that makes you feel happy. It is simple.

By the end of writing this I no longer feel frustrated. I still don’t understand why I was feeling that way but I do know that this has helped immensely. Maybe just the process of writing how I feel has brought me back to the present moment and made me realise that actually I have no reason to feel frustrated, so the feeling has disappeared.

In the wise words of someone I heard talk recently: I am too blessed to stressed.



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