‘Flow’ is a term we hear very often these days. I love going into flow. That feeling where you are completely immersed in what you are doing and forget about everything else. Time just falls away and it is bliss. I go into flow when I run or practice yoga. I see it as a form of meditation and so important for my wellbeing. I wanted to share with you all my experiences and how you too can achieve flow, specifically in your yoga practice, and how this will help you in life!


What is FLOW? 

If you look up flow in the dictionary then it is defined as ‘the action of moving along in a steady, continuous stream’.

Flow is a state of mind. It happens when we are ‘living in the moment, utterly absorbed in the present activity and time seems to fall away.’

As well as time falling away our ego also falls away. This means we aren’t thinking of the end result or what we are getting out of it. We are doing the activity purely for the joy and focusing solely on the present.

How do you achieve flow? (Specifically in YOGA)

Like I said, I achieve the flow state often when I am practicing yoga. There are many ways you can increase your chances of reaching flow when you are doing an activity.

For me the number one way is repetition and practice. The more you practice yoga and become comfortable with the movements the more you will access flow and you’ll begin to stay there longer. This applies to any activity. Keep practicing and you will find yourself in flow without even thinking.

Another way to help yourself to enter the flow state is to have a specific goal in mind. This hasn’t occurred to me before but came up a lot when I was doing research about the psychological state. Having a goal helps you focus on what you are doing, rather than being distracted. For me in yoga the goal is usually practice for 1 hour. By having this goal I don’t think about the time and then I access flow because all my energy is concentrated on the practice. To help yourself you can also remove any distractions and this will also allow you to reach flow and stay there.

At the end of the day though I don’t believe that ‘flow’ is something that we can actively achieve. It comes naturally and the more you practice something the more naturally it was occur and more regularly. Flow is not a ‘forced’ state. It is effortless and ease, so it is better not to ‘try’ and achieve it and just let it happen. Just go with the flow..


How flow will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. 

When you get into flow regularly in your yoga practice (or anything) it encourages you to do that activity again. The state of mind feels like pure joy so you want to seek out flow again. In yoga this is brilliant. You get into the habit of practicing daily and get into flow more and more. This is great for your physical and mental health, and your overall wellbeing is improved.

Flow is a great stress relief because you can only focus on the present moment. That means that any worries you have leave your mind and you can just enjoy what you’re doing. When you come out of flow you will see your worries in a different light and maybe they won’t carry so much meaning any more.

Overall flow helps you and is a wonderful state to be in. For me, when I ‘flow’ in yoga I feel completely synchronised. My thoughts disappear and my movements are connected to my breath. I forget about everything. I am just in the moment and feel so alive. 

If we could flow all day wouldn’t that be amazing. Imagine what our lives would look like in ‘flow’.

I hope you have something out there that creates ‘flow’ for you. Something you love and can go daily. If not then do not worry, it will come to you when you least expect it. Just do what you find fun, do what you enjoy, do what empowers you and do it for you!


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