Feeling Inspired

Recently I have been feeling more and more inspired everyday. Everywhere I look there is new inspiration. I receive the gifts from the universe: the beauty in nature or the sound of the wind. This all inspires me to create, it gives me ideas and excites my soul.

The people in my life are also a massive inspiration to me. I look to them to learn. When I give myself fully to listening to them I find there is so much they can teach me and I receive gratefully. In return I teach them what I know, we share our knowledge and everyone benefits.

Meditation has been the catalyst to all this inspiration. When I sit everyday in stillness and silence I find myself opening more to inspiration. I become more aware so nothing passes me by. I am present so I see all the world has to offer me and I am inspired by it all.

But what am I to do with all this inspiration? I have too many ideas and do not know where to start. It is exciting and daunting. I cannot wait.

I must be patient and use my inspiration wisely. I shall take each new creative idea at a time and work with it, giving it all my attention and energy, seeing where it will take me.

Creative ideas are alive. They move from person to person and when they choose you, you must give them everything you have. Do not give up until that book is written; that artwork is finished; that song is composed. Otherwise the idea will move on. Like a dream in the wind it will find someone else who is more willing.

So my conclusion to you all is that you do not have to go looking very hard for inspiration, it will always find you. However once you have it please don’t let it go. Give it everything you have and something beautiful might just emerge..


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