Health is Wealth

Health is the ‘State of complete physical, mental, and social well being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity‘. Definition by the World Health Organisation.

Having good health is more that just physical. As defined by the World Health Organisation it includes mental and social well being also. I would also like to add a fourth: spiritual.


So how can we be healthy then? Maybe think about the areas of your life that affect each of these aspects of health. For example improving your diet and exercising will have a positive effect on your physical health (and also your mental health).

All these aspects are intertwined. A ‘healthy’ physical body will result in a ‘healthy’ mind. A ‘healthy’ mind will result in you making better choices and thus a ‘healthy’ physical body.

For me personally I make an active effort to look after my mental health since this has the biggest impact on my physical and social well being. I look after my mental health in a number of ways:

  • I meditate twice a day which helps me massively. It reduces stress and anxiety. Also improves concentration and sleep quality. Meditation definitely prevents a lot of mental illness so is such a good thing to do.
  • Exercise makes me feel a whole lot better. It releases endorphins which make you feel happy. Also just being able to sweat and take my mind off anything stressful is a good release.
  • Eating the foods which make you FEEL good. Check out my blog post on EATING TO EMPOWER. I eat what I know will make the ‘future me’ feel good and that way I keep a healthy mental wellbeing.
  • Talking to people. Any problems I have in my life I talk them out with people I trust. This puts things in perspective for me and also enhances my social well being. Remember a problem shared is a problem halved.

I want to talk about spiritual health as well. This is also very important and often over looked. Spirituality helps people to feel purpose in their lives and thus feel happier and more content with life. It gives people a community which is good for their social wellbeing. Spirituality also teaches compassion and forgiveness which are essential values to have in life and make people a lot happier.

Finding spirituality can be difficult for some people, but I recommend trying everything out and just see what works for you. Keep an open mind and educate yourself! Read lots of books to find out more, I recommend ‘The seven spiritual laws of success’ is a good place to start and then go from there.

Finally, be kind to your self and others. Remember that life is sacred. Prioritise your health and see the change in your life.



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