New Beginnings…

For the past 6 months I have been working in a cafe in London. Yesterday I finished work there and now it is time for a new chapter in my life.

I was mixed with emotions of sadness and excitement on my last day. Even though I definitely didn’t want to continue working there I still felt sad to leave the people who had been so kind to me the past months.

Change is natural and we all must continue to grow and evolve, however change isn’t easy. It is hard leaving behind people and places in your life. You think of the good times you had there and there is a strong sense of nostalgia. For me it felt like the first time I left school and home. I was excited to leave but I knew I was leaving behind something and would never get it back. Still.. Life goes on.

So for this next chapter what have I got planned? I am going to continue to work on becoming and growing into the person who I want to be. I will try harder and implement new habits and routines into my daily life to help me with this. For example I have been slacking on my evening meditation a bit recently. I won’t make excuses but I have been too tired in the evenings sometimes to do half an hour. I know meditation makes me feel my best and it makes my life better. This is why I am putting new energy into meditating more and I am using this new chapter to get into a good habit of it.

I think I am also going to focus on being more present in my life and enjoying uncertainty. To be fully in the present takes a lot of concentration and recently I have been lacking that. But when we are fully in the present we can completely enjoy what it has to offer and we experience it in a totally different way. We see more and we learn more, enriching our life and the lives of those around us. I strongly believe that we should all live in the present all the time and this is the solution to all our problems.

However living in the present does bring up something very big and challenging for me: Uncertainty. This uncertainty is because when we are living in the present we cannot plan for the future and therefor we do not know what is going to happen. We are constantly living in uncertainty. This is not a negative thing though, it is a positive thing. When we learn to embrace uncertainty we can take on anything and we no longer worry and stress about meaningless things in our life. Worrying about what job you will be doing in five years time is SUCH a waste of energy. Why not embrace the uncertainty and just say whatever will be will be and GET ON WITH ENJOYING THE PRESENT. That is what I am going to do with this new chapter: ENJOY THE NOW. 

Finally I just want to say to people that you can start again whenever you want and as many times as you want. Don’t be afraid to start again and reinvent yourself and change things up. It is so good and healthy to do. Think of it as a little spring (or autumn, winter, summer) cleaning of yourself. Of your mind or body. Of your spirit. We all need it.

There is a saying which I love: However far you go down the wrong road, turn back.

Ponder on that for a while and think where in your life you are walking down the wrong path and afraid or reluctant to turn back. Don’t think of it as giving up. Think of it as courage and having the wisdom to know you are heading in the wrong direction. Many of us don’t know, so I applaud you if you know.

Choose your path but know you do not have to stick to it.



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