Yesterday I wrote a post all about ‘new beginnings.’ I have been thinking about what yoga would be best suited to accompany the new chapter in your life. I have came up with the perfect sequence that I want to share with you all…

So yoga is great because it moves energy. Sometimes we feel stuck in life because we have an energy blockage or stagnant energy that we need to shift in order to feel better. Yoga shifts that energy for us. It is also a great converter of energy. If we are feeling frustrated about anything then spending an hour on our mat can turn that frustration into gratitude or love. It really is an amazing thing.

The best yoga poses for releasing old emotions are heart openers (back bends) because the bending backwards represents going into the past and it causes old emotions to resurface. This is great because we feel them again and are able to let them go. That way we are not bringing our old baggage with us when we are making a fresh start in life.

Start your FRESH START YOGA SEQUENCE in child’s pose on your mat. Take time to connect to your breath and set your intention for the practice. Think about what you want this yoga to do for you. Do you want to release emotions from your past or create the energy of how you want to feel? Set your intention and keep it with you for the rest of the practice.

Warm up by doing some simple sun salutations. Check out my post if you are unsure about how to do them. Once you are feeling warm and limber then you are ready to start the fresh start sequence.

The first pose is camel. This is an amazing back bend and heart opener to release all the old emotions you are still clinging on too. Hold for 5 breaths and then come into either downward facing dog or child’s pose to rest. Repeat camel 2 more times then come to downward facing dog.


From downward facing dog move forward into plank. Then from plank come to side plank on your right. Hold for 10 breaths here to build strength, but feel free to take any modification you wish. Side plank will make you strong and give you the strength needed to change your habits in this new chapter. From side plank move into wild thing. This is a fun pose as well as a heart opener, so should feel great once you come out. Repeat this sequence on the left side: downward facing dog, plank, side plank, wild thing.


Next we move to our warrior part of the sequence. Come to warrior 1 on your right side. Then move to humble warrior. Humble warrior is great because when we make a fresh start we need to be humble: admit our mistakes and be open to moving forward and starting again. Humble warrior will help us with this.


Transition from humble warrior to runners lunge by bringing your hands to your mat and rotating your hips to face forward. Hold here to open your hips. This also releases a lot of unwanted emotions since we tend to store and hold on to stress in our hips. This should feel really good to hold. Lift your right arm to the sky to open up the right side of your body. Twists like this will help your digestion, thus helping you move forward in life. Enjoy this juicy stretch.


Bring your left foot to meet your right at the top of your mat and move into gorilla pose. Relax your torso and just hang down over your thighs. Bend your knees slightly and sway. Shift the energy and focus on your breath.


Finally, come to tree pose. This calming and restorative pose will bring balance back to your life. Balance needed for that fresh start. We could all do with more balance in our lives. This pose will also ground you too, restoring your root chakra.

Repeat this sequence on your left side and then end with an inversion of your choice. To finish gently come to supine twist and then rest in shavasana.


I hope that this sequence helps you kick start your new beginning as much as it has helped me. Every morning is the opportunity for a fresh start. We can do more everyday. We can smile more, love more and be more present. I feel excited every morning to begin again and see what the day will bring. For me this is what life is all about.

Have a beautiful day.



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