Forget the HOW

Forget the HOW.

How‘ is unimportant.

If we spend our lives focusing on how to do things or how something will happen, then it probably won’t end up happening.

We get stuck worrying and focusing on all these minuscule details that do not matter! 

Sometimes if we just take that leap of faith and do something we can work out the how afterwards. Or even better: the how looks after itself.

If I was concerned about the ‘how’ I would not be going to Aruba today. When we booked our tickets a month ago we did not think about how it would happen or how we would have the money or how we would get there. We just did it. Simple!

HOW does not always help you.

In yoga when the teacher says ‘take eagle pose’ we do not stand and think how am I going to do this. You just do it.

This is how it should be in life too. Granted not always, but most of the time we can forget the how and just flow. How disrupts the flow of life and takes our energy away from what is important and will actually help us achieve our dreams. How is not helpful.

Sometimes we are scared. We are scared of failing, of falling short of our dreams. Or we are scared of achieving our dreams, of what will happen when we do, of what comes next. In that fear we hide and we don’t work towards our desires. We pretend to ourselves we are working by looking at the how. We try to fool ourselves but it does not work. The how is only a place to hide and it will not get you anywhere.

So take the leap, take the jump, the step, anything! Today I want you all to not think about how you are going to do something, but just do it! See how that feels. Is it as scary as you thought? Probably not. It may even feel liberating and exciting. Doing something without knowing how, just trusting yourself and the universe that everything will work out.

And if it doesn’t? So what. It wasn’t your divine plan, you are still on the right path, maybe you will achieve it later or not at all. How that happens is unimportant. The important thing is that the universe knows your path and you know that you are on the right path whatever happens.

Have trust.

Forget about the how.



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