Meditating In The Clouds

You are awakening out of the dream of time into the present

-Eckhart Tolle

Yesterday when we were on the plane travelling to Aruba I used the clouds for my meditation. This felt like I was awakening out of a dream. Often looking at the clouds can feel as though you are in a dream, but this time I knew the dream was reality. It was the only thing real in my life. All the past and future isn’t real. Only the Now.


I looked at them and was immediately at peace.

I saw their textures and new dimensions that you don’t notice from below. I marvelled at the shapes and saw all kinds of weird and wonderful animals and scenes depicted by the clouds.

Their beauty astonished me. Clouds are so untouched by man. When you see them on their level you start to truly understand how perfect they are. Their world seems totally separate to ours, even though there is nothing that separates us.

Mediating on the clouds was something that I had never done before and it brought calmness into my life. I knew that everything would work out and that I am where I need to be. This is an amazing feeling. To trust so strongly that any doubts and anxieties evaporate. It is how we should live all of the time.


I wanted to write this as an example of how you can meditate anywhere and everywhere at any time. Flying can be difficult and stressful. But when you bring your tools from meditation it brings calm into the process and you are able to appreciate the beauty. Whether you meditate for 5 minutes or an hour, just look and listen and breath and be in the present. Think of what you are grateful for and how AMAZING it is to be able to see clouds from above. Usually that experience is only for birds, yet here we are as mere humans able to join them. It gives us new perspective that hopefully we can bring into our lives when the plane lands and we again step back onto earth.

When you see beauty from a different angle you are able to see it deeper and maybe see something that you have missed before.

See the beauty in everything today, because there is. There is lots of it.


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