Beauty In Aruba

I have learnt a lot about beauty since being on this island. Everywhere I look there is so much beauty, I am surrounded by it and it makes me smile.

I have discovered that beauty goes so much deeper than looks. Beauty has many dimensions and when you use all your senses you can discover beauty on a new level.


Beauty is smells. It is the smell of the salty sea. The smell of restaurants in the evening. The smell of the yoga studio making me feel sacred.

Beauty is movement. It is the way the palm tress move in the wind. The movement of the waves as they lap against the sand. The movement of tiny lizards scuttling and darting across the sandy street.

Beauty is light. It is the way the light shines in the evening, creating the most dramatic and colourful sunsets I have ever seen. It is the light of the moon, bright even in the afternoon. Beauty is the light that makes you shine from within. You just can’t help it. Where there is light there cannot be darkness.


On Aruba I have discovered beauty everywhere. In every place I look, whether small or large, I sense beauty. I may not always see it but I know it is there.


The yoga studio I am practicing at (Island Yoga) is so so so beautiful. I feel grateful and special to be practicing there. It is the kind of beauty that is sacred and subtle but underneath it all is love. That is true beauty.

The people on the island are all so beautiful. They are extremely kind and that radiates from inside them, shining out as beauty for everyone else to receive.

Finally, I feel beautiful on this island. I know I am where I am meant to be right now and there is an abundance of love and gratitude and beauty in my life that I can’t help but be so happy and smile.


I am smiling now as I right this.

Have a beautiful day




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