How To Continue Your Yoga Practice When Travelling

When you go on holiday it can be difficult to continue the positive habits you so effortlessly keep at home. Practicing yoga everyday can turn into a struggle. Your morning meditation might become non-existent. I find this especially when I am travelling with others who do not share the same routines as I do. You have to be flexible when on holiday and accommodate for the people around you. You also want to relax and be able to enjoy your time without having to force yourself to do something. This is where balance should be introduced.

You can find balance easily when on holiday and it is definitely needed to keep you feeling good and insure you have the best time possible.


I practice yoga everyday when I am on holiday because it makes me feel amazing. After the long flight I need yoga to stretch me out and get my shoulders and spine feeling back to normal. I practice because it reconnects me to the present, when it is so easily to get distracted when you are somewhere new. I then take this presence of my mat and I am able to enjoy the rest of the day with whoever I am traveling with because I am truly present. I experience it all and do not miss a thing.


TIP 1: Find a yoga studio.

In Aruba I have been practicing at Island Yoga everyday. This makes continuing my daily yoga practice effortless because I do not have to find time alone or somewhere to practice. I simply book on to a class and walk the 5 minutes to the studio and surrender to the practice. It is also great because I am taught my new teachers and I am able to learn new sequences and tips and really experience yoga as a beginner again. I can open my mind to a different way of practicing and it has definitely helped me grow.

I am grateful for the fact that my boyfriend respects the fact I that I want to practice and he goes and does something on his own for a bit. Then afterwards we are able to meet up and enjoy our day on the beach! However this isn’t the cheapest option so if you are travelling on a budget then I recommend some of my other tips.

TIP 2: Get up early

If you cannot afford to pay for daily classes when you are away but are still committed to your practice then I recommend getting up slightly early so you can do your yoga before others get up. This way you don’t take time away from anyone else in the day but you also get to practice. It is a win win. By the time they wake up you are feeling amazing because you have practiced yoga and you are ready to take on the day.

This is completely free. It does require you to get up early on holiday though which some people may not like, but I assure you it is worth it!

TIP 3: Try 5 minutes

So if getting up early is not your thing, especially when you are on holiday, then that is ok. Never force yourself to do something you don’t want to do. Instead keep your yoga practice going by just doing 5 minutes a day.

We all can find 5 spare minutes out of our day. I usually spend more then that scrolling Instagram if I am honest. So use this time for something more productive which is going to leave you feeling great, like yoga.

Sit down and tune in to your body. What do you need? Then set a timer for 5 minutes and spend that time giving your body what it needs. It might be hip openers or hamstring stretches after the plane. It might be sun salutations to introduce some movement. It might be meditation. Whatever you do, it is perfect. 5 minutes is better than nothing and it will leave you feeling lighter and better than you did before.


I hope these tips were helpful. Please let me know if you have any good tips that help you continue your practice when on holiday.

Have a beautiful day



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