Honour Your Sensitivity

The other night I did a ‘ritual flow’ yoga class at Island Yoga. This consisted of everyone starting in a circle at the beginning and picking reading cards out of the deck. The card I chose said ‘honour your sensitivity’. At the time I didn’t really understand how the card applied to my life and I have to say I slightly dismissed it. It also read ‘take time to recharge, rest and heal.’ This is something that I always struggle to do and I didn’t listen properly to this advice even though it was exactly what I needed.


The next day I got incredibly burnt. On my legs. Even though I was lying under the shade of a tree… This is funny because 1. my legs never burn and I don’t think I have ever put sun cream on them especially not when under shade. And 2. I have very sensitive skin.

Because I did not listen to what the card was saying the universe stepped in. It was an ironic message by burning my sensitive skin, and now I have had to do a lot of healing and recharging, staying inside and being compassionate to myself, in order to heal my sun burn. Effectively I have been forced to honour my sensitivity!


This has been an interesting lesson for me to say the least and I just wanted to use is as an example of how the universe works in very unexpected ways indeed. I was not expecting to get that exact card when I picked one from the deck but I was definitely drawn to it. Then when I didn’t really listen to what it was trying to tell me the universe interfered and gave me a message that I couldn’t ignore.

Honour your sensitivity, what does this mean to you? Does it mean that you should be more in touch with your emotions and honour what they are telling you, even the tiniest inkling? Does it mean that you should look after your body better because it is more sensitive then you might think?

This message can be interpreted in a million ways and will be different for each person out there. I think it is a very important message that we can all definitely use in our lives. Sometimes being ‘sensitive’ is seen as weakness. I am definitely holding on to fear surrounding my sensitivity. I think I am fearful others won’t see me as this strong and independent person that I like to think I am. But it is OK not to be strong the whole time. Being sensitive and allowing the world to see it is so beautiful. We should all embrace it.

Especially any men out there, being sensitive can be hard. It isn’t seen as ‘masculine’ and isn’t expected by our society. But why should a man have to be ‘masculine’ and a woman have to be ‘feminine’? Can’t we just embrace the positives of both?

To become enlightened we have to transcend both masculinity and femininity. We stop holding onto one or the other and just let go. When we let go we realise we are the perfect balance of both and do not have to change a thing. We can act naturally and our energy will be as it should be.

For when we are enlightened we realise that we are all One. There is no difference.

We are all both masculine and feminine. Strong and sensitive. Happy and sad. Divine and normal.

We are all in perfect harmony.

It is beautiful.



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