Full Moon Yoga

On Tuesday it was the full moon. The full moon represents a time to begin again. It radiates powerful energy to us all so we have the beautiful chance to use this sacred energy to make changes in your life. You can set intentions and follow them through for the next month and really take a good look at what is working for you. Using both the moon and the universe you can manifest the life that you desire. IMG_0429

This month, since I was in Aruba, I went down to the beach to practice a full moon flow. It was an amazing experience. The night just felt timeless and so sacred. There was a buzz of energy in the air and I felt so grateful to be able to experience it all.

Whilst we were waiting for the moon to appear, we sat on the beach, sand in our toes, and watched the sun set. The only way I can describe it is purely magical.


The full moon yoga began after the sun had set when it was completely dark. We lit the beach up with candles and some people had crystals as well. Everyone gathered under the moon to honour her and practice together.


Under the moon we practised a slightly different form of yoga which involved moon salutations instead of the regular sun salutations. Moon salutations differ to sun salutations because you move more side to side along your mat rather down up and down. Moon salutations differ also since they cool and soothe the body (rather than sun salutations which create heat). They are meditative and restorative and are great to do late in the evening before going to bed to help sleep. In our full moon flow we did a lot of hip openers to release emotions and hamstring stretches. This was to prepare us for the new moon and month ahead.

The moon salutation:

  • For the flow we started off in Tadasana. We had the long side of the mat facing the moon so we could practice facing her, and we stood on the let side of the mat to start.IMG_0624
  • Inhale to reach to the stars and exhale to step your right foot out side ways into five point star.IMG_0625
  • Inhale here and then exhale to bend your knees and turn your toes out into Goddess pose. Bring your arms to cactus arms with your elbows bent at 90degree angles. Hold Goddess pose for 5 breaths.IMG_0627
  • Straighten your legs and exhale into Trikonasana on your right.IMG_0629
  • From Trikonasana (triangle pose) exhale to step your left foot in half way and come into pyramid pose, bending over your right leg and squaring your hips forward.IMG_0631
  • Exhale to drop your left knee on the mat and come into a lunge over the right foot. You can move around here to open your hips if that feels good.IMG_0633
  • Next come into some snake squats. Moving from the right to left with your hands on the mat or at your heart. On your third come into a low lunge over your left foot.
  • From here lift your back knee and straighten your legs into pyramid pose on the left.
  • Step your right foot back and come into Trikonasana on your exhale.
  • Inhale and rise from Trikonasana into your 5 point star and then exhale to Goddess pose. Then step your left foot to meet your right foot. Inhale to reach to the stars and then exhale your hands to heart centre.
  • Repeat this full sequence again starting on the left side this time. When you have completed it this is one full moon salutation.


I wanted to share with you what I journaled that night after the yoga:

The moon was humongous and so bright. It surprised me the power she had in her. you could feel the energy. It was in the air lingering as anticipation and excitement. New beginnings were all around. And as I lay on the beach gazing up at the stars I felt so infinite. In that moment I was timeless. There was no’I’ anymore. 

Gently I closed my eyes and listened to the waves crash on the shore. I felt the warm breeze caressing my skin. It felt as though I was in a soft embrace or wearing a jumper. With my eyes closed I left my body behind on the beach. I was now in the waves and in the wind. Moving moving and alive. With darkness surrounding me I did not feel fear, only comfort, safety and at peace. I had a realisation that when I opened my eyes everything might have changed. But this didn’t bother me. I blinked and surrendered to the change that is such a big part of our lives. We are all rivers constantly moving, never the same as before.

Embrace it and flow with the universe. 



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