I just had the perfect lesson from the universe in letting go, to surrendering to LIFE.

We were on the plane from Aruba to Atlanta and things kept going wrong and delaying our take off. It was one of the strangest flights I’ve been on and it didn’t help there was a big hurricane in the Caribbean which we narrowly missed.

So we were sat on the plane at Aruba for ages waiting to take off. The problem was that we only had two hours in Atlanta to catch our next flight. Every minute we were sat on the plane in Aruba was costing us precious time to catch our connecting flight.

After being sat on the plane for over an hour in Aruba negative thoughts started creeping into my mind. Doubt and anxiety whirled around inside me and I could feel my heart rate quickening and myself getting fidgety. I tried to ignore the thoughts but they kept coming back. The anxiety was making me feel really uncomfortable and I knew I would snap soon if I didn’t do anything about it.

So do you know what I did?

I surrendered to the moment. The situation I was in was completely out of my control and worrying definitely would not help! So I let it go. I decided not to take the situation too seriously and just accept that whatever will be will be. I have no power over when our plane takes off and if we catch our next flight. Sadly that is not down to me. So if you cannot change a situation you are in or remove yourself from it then you only have one option left: to accept it. 

I started to see the humour of the situation and joked with the other passengers around me. Collectively our energy became a lot more positive and soon enough we were all smiling and laughing, when moments ago there was tension in the air.

The result of this was that I had a good and anxiety free flight. Instead of four hours of worrying about something I could not change, I let it go and just enjoyed the present moment. This was all down to me. 

In every moment we all have a choice how we want to react or respond. What sort of energy do we want to put out to the universe? Do we choose to surrender or hang on to fear? You may not believe it but everything is our choice. We control these situations, they do not control us. So when you choose a positive response, even in the face of a problem, then the outcome is likely to be very positive as well.

And you know what? We didn’t miss our next flight. We walked straight from one plane onto the next. It was effortless. We landed in London and our bags weren’t there. But we choose again to see the positive of the situation and laughed about the fact we didn’t have to unpack when we got home.

Choosing to react in a positive way is not something you only choose once and it’s done. Nope. We have to choose again and again. Every situation provides us with the opportunity to choose and learn. The universe is handing us these life situations when we can surrender and practice surrendering. And if it doesn’t work or you don’t surrender then that is ok too. You can learn from it and surrender the next time, or the next.

Turn your problems into opportunities for growth and surrender. I guarantee you won’t have another ‘problem’ again.



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