Living Life On Your Own Terms

I have just finished reading Osho: Living life on your own terms. I wanted to share with you the wisdom from the book.

To summarise this book was about becoming a rebel. This is not someone who fights or is aggressive in any way. This is someone who steps away from society and does not take everything for a given. It is a person who questions and is intelligent. Who follows their heart instead of the crowd. We should all try to be rebels. Like Nietzsche says: ‘Live dangerously.’

Firstly Osho explains what he believes make a person divine. He says that love, silence, understanding and compassion are the qualities. I totally agree with him here, but I would also like to add honesty and confidence to the list. I think in order to be divine we have to have confidence in our own being so that we can live from our true north and lead the way for others. Confidence is definitely required in order to do this. Also you cannot live a divine life without being honest. Be honest to yourself and to others around you. It is the most important thing.

We are all divine already. Nothing needs to change. Osho says that birds are enough, trees are enough… only man believes he is not enough. 

Maybe we don’t believe we are already enough because we are constantly comparing ourselves to others around us. This is where humans make a fatal error. It makes us all so unhappy, yet we have the possibility to feel complete and at peace. If only we knew we are already there.

To be appreciated is to be mediocre. The genius speaks that which arises within his heart. He never cares if anyone else will like it. Or what the consequences will be.

Be creative but don’t be bothered about appreciation.

So when we learn how to appreciate ourselves then maybe we will have the confidence to make the decisions for ourselves. We will be able to listen to our intuition and let it guide us. It knows better than we do. We should trust.

A single yes is far more powerful then a thousand no’s. 

But fear will always hold us back. Fear of the unknown. But what is there to fear? Uncertainty is the nature of life. Learn to love that uncertainty and you will never feel fear again. You will trust that whatever comes your way has came for a reason and it will be ok in the end. No condition is permanent and everything will pass. Remember that.

Always listen to the call of the unknown. 


“But I want to say to you that moving every moment into the unknown is the greatest blessing of life. Remaining with the known is sheer boredom, every day is the same. Then what is the point of living? You have lived so many times, many days. My encouragement to you is: Love change. Love the unknown. Risk everything for the unknown and you will always be in an ecstatic state. You will always be a gainer because the unknown has hidden treasures only for those who can drop the known. But I can only say it to you. The dropping has to be done by you. It has to be your decision, your commitment. Only then will it bring you joy.” From Osho- Living life on your own terms. 

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  1. OMG. First, my yoga instructor training journal last week was all about Satya, at the same time that I am in a state of transition in my life. And then your post, which I read this evening as I am meditating on a couple of hefty decisions and leaps into the unknown that I need to make (or not make) in the very near future . The final quotation that you included at the end was so exactly what I needed to hear tonight – as was the rest of your post, but that quotation put the hip and shoulder adjustments on my proverbial savasana tonight. Yes, the part about risking everything for the unknown…. I bow deeply. Namaste.

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