We All Make Our Own Sandwiches

There was once this respected professor who worked at a very prestigious university. Everyday he would bring a packed lunch into the canteen and eat it there, with the other professors and staff. Everyday he would sit down and start to complain: I hate tomato sandwiches… Tomatoes are so boring… My sandwiches are disgusting… I wish I was eating what you are…

Most of the other university staff ignored his complaints. They were used to them after 20 years of his behaviour. 20 long years of the professor bringing tomato sandwiches to work and complaining. They had tuned it out. To be fair as well, half of them were too busy complaining about their own lunch to notice him doing the same. 

So one day a young student walked over to the table of the professor. He had heard the professor complaining about his tomato sandwiches for a few weeks now and he was confused.

Sorry, he said. But if you hate tomato sandwiches so much why don’t you ask your wife for a different filling?

For he knew the professor had a wife and it seemed silly for this man to be so upset with his sandwiches everyday when there was an easy solution. 

The professor looked up at the student: I make my own sandwiches of course. 


I wanted to write this story today because it conveys an important message: We all make our own sandwiches in life! So stop complaining about anything wrong in your life and GO CHANGE IT! Feel empowered and take control of your own life. You can create anything and nothing is impossible. Please understand this because it is so true. You can have anything you want, all you have to do is quit complaining and GO GET IT! It has worked for me and it will for you too. Stop seeing your life through the negatives. A simple shift to look for the positives and have control will change your life. Seriously give it a go.

We all make our own sandwiches.

So make sure yours have the filling you want and deserve. 


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