Savasana, also known as corpse pose, is described sometimes as the hardest pose and sometimes as people’s favourite pose. I wonder why that is.

The essence of savasana summed up by Baron Baptiste is:

Here is where it is. 

Now is when it is. 

You are what it is. 

Savasana is what all the asanas are leading up too. They are preparing our body for this one pose. It is a chance to be present and enter another realm. For some of us it is a chance to have a moment of space and peace during the day. I believe that savasana holds a different meaning for each of us, that may differ depending on the practice we have just had. For me savasana is a chance to be grateful for the practice I have just had and what is awaiting for me when I step off the mat. It is often really emotional for me and I do cry a lot. I think the emotions just spill out when you let your body have a moment of stillness. And this is perfect. It is very cleansing and leaves you feeling ready afterwards.

At the end of our yoga practice when in savasana we come home to ourselves. Finally all the layers are stripped back and there is no hiding any more. You ego is quietened and unites with your authentic self in your heart. Together they join your higher self and you are one. This is a brilliant feeling. To feel alive and connected in your body. To feel home. Sadly it is not something that everyone gets to experience, let alone live by day by day.

Savasana is just being. Release the trying. Release the effort. Release the expectations, the thoughts, the worries, the future, the past. Just BE. Enjoy this gift to do nothing but listen to your heartbeat. Enjoy this gift to live in the present moment. Embrace your meditation. Relax your breath and forget about where you are. Leave your body behind on the mat and watch as you float up into another realm. Feel the one-ness. Feel your divine self inside and know that that is the real you. In savasana you finally see the truth and can let all else go.

As you lie there, on your mat, in corpse pose, allow yourself the gift of acceptance. Accept everything that ever was, that will be, that is happening now. Accept yourself. Accept others. This is the law of least effort as taught be Deepak Chopra, the only way to live a life at EASE is acceptance. Practice it in savasana and then bring it with you into your day. See what you can accept and where that will make your life a little easier, a little calmer, a little happier. Accept was is.

Lie in Savasana and listen to the heart. Know that the heart knows what is wants and will always lead you in life, if you choose to follow.

Lie there and breath. Just BE



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