Vulnerability and Yoga Teacher Training

SO this weekend I started my Yoga Teacher Training 200hrs.

It was the most amazing weekend. So full on and crazy, but I am with a group of such beautiful people and I couldn’t be happier.

It was a big step for me. I haven’t done anything like this EVER and recently my life has been a very nice and easy life. I am blessed not to have had any major challenges recently and everything is flowing. I had to step out that comforting ‘bubble’ I am currently living in when I went to the training and I am so grateful I did.

We talked a lot about vulnerability over the weekend. We all watched the Ted Talk: The power of vulnerability by Brene Brown. I definitely recommend you check it out, she is very funny but brings up some very valid points, some which had never occurred to me before. After we had all watched the Ted Talk we discussed vulnerability.

Did you know that in order to experience joy, happiness, creativity, it is necessary to feel and be vulnerable? We step away from vulnerability because it is not a nice feeling. There is a lot of fear surrounding vulnerability, and embarrassment and shame. These negative emotions we think we will be happier without. So we shield ourselves from vulnerability. We wear a mask, pretend to be strong, put on a brave face. That has the opposite effect!! We are in fact unhappier, depressed, more anxious.

In my own experience I find I HAVE to show my emotions and let them surface, otherwise I carry them with me and I take it out on the people around me without meaning too. If i am frustrated or upset I will tell whoever I am with how I am feeling. Sometimes I will shout or cry but I think this is all normal and healthy. Once I have released the emotions they are gone and I can move on without feeling frustrated all day.

Some people may feel very vulnerable showing their emotions. We have been brought up in a society where it isn’t always accepted to be honest and show how we are really feeling. In work or school we are expected to suppress our emotions in order to carry on with the day. If we show are emotions we worry that everyone else will also get depressed and we don’t want to burden others with that.

But all that is so wrong. Forget everything you know, everything you have ever been taught. You will be so much happier if you are vulnerable with those around you. Share your emotions and they will leave you. Negative emotions won’t multiple if you release them from you. They will disappear. However when positive emotions- joy, happiness, excitement- are release they manifest in those around you and spread contagiously.

Going back to my yoga teacher training. I felt very vulnerable walking into the studio to meet a group of 30 strangers. But you know what? Everyone else felt that way too. I was inspired by some people sharing their emotions and thoughts and experiences straight away with the group. They shared really deep and personal stuff with us. Their vulnerability created a beautiful space for the rest of the group to walk into. We too were vulnerable and shared. From that place of vulnerability we were able to trust, connect and feel safe.

I am so grateful to the others in my group and the community we are creating together.

I urge anyone reading this to open up to someone today, get vulnerable, get MESSY. Then watch the space that will open up from that. Space for love and joy and happiness. Space you didn’t even know existed.

If we were all vulnerable every day in our lives, then we would be living the most beautiful fullest lives we could.

Now doesn’t that sound amazing.



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  1. Oh my goodness! Vulnerability seems so scary, but it is SO amazingly powerful if you just surrender to it, right? Wow. Congrats on beginning your training. I feel the same. We just finished our second intensive weekend following our 5 day immersion to kick it off. I love the Vibe from the Tribe. Knowing we are all in this, struggling and succeeding, learning, being vulnerable to exploring our weaknesses so that we can find strength in them. Keep it up! Namaste.

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