The Four Layers Of Nature.

We all have intrinsic nature. We are born with a compass within us that is there to guide us through life. Little do we notice and little do we care. If we tap into this knowledge then we will never fall from our divine path in life. We will be carefully guided, a little voice whispering where to go. We will think it is coincidence, or luck. But it is a much higher power than that. We should trust. Walk the thin line between blind faith and beautiful freedom. The freedom to live in the moment. Not to have to plan. The freedom of having a trust so deep that you know every situation will reveal the solution to you when the time is right. This is our nature.

Layer no. 1 – Instinct – Body 

Layer no. 2 – Intellect – Mind 

Layer no. 3 – Intuition – Heart 

Layer no. 4 – Turiya – Being 

If we can use all four levels of nature to guide us then that is when we truly flow through life. Most people ignore their body, their instinct and listen to their intellect. They think it is the clever thing to do. But it is the really wise people who allow their instinct to guide them more then their mind. The mind and intellect very quickly takes over and will shut out all the other voices within us. We don’t even know they are there. It takes time in meditation to allow the voice of your body to be heard again, and to be able to listen to its signals.

Most people do not get past layer two. Beyond layer two we learn to listen to our heart. This is the divine guide within us and will always lead us where we need to go. Listening to your heart will only come through meditation and opening your heart chakra. I have done a blog post on this if you are interested.

The final layer, the fourth layer of nature is called: Turiya. This translates as ‘the fourth’. It is not named because it cannot be described. It is your being guiding you and happens when you have reached that stage of divine unification with the universe. When you finally fully allow the energy to pass through you, only then will this energy guide you.

Turiya is the goal, the divine end. Yet we can only make it there through the other layers. Like a ladder we must climb up slowly, not missing a step.

For now try meditating and listening to your body and heart. Ignore your mind for a while. Use your heart to guide you through situations. It will make you feel a million times better.

Let the light in you shine. And illuminate the light in others.



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