Finding Your Divine Purpose

Aren’t our lives strange. They are messy and all over the place. We never know what is coming next. We laugh and we fight. We love and we suffer. Our lives are unpredictable but so so divine.


That is what being a human being is about. We are here to make mistakes and mess up and do stuff that in hindsight we shouldn’t have done. But that is ok.

I think sometimes we forget that we aren’t gods and we don’t need to be perfect. Realising that allows you to connect to your inner being, your authentic self, and when you make that connection perfection is reached. Because the ‘perfection’ is not in the exterior of our lives. It is not in our wealth or our looks, but in the inside. The ‘perfection’ is already there inside us no matter what is on the outside. Beauty is within.

Making that connection frees up the space to really get messy with your life. There is no longer fear about what might happen or the mistakes you will make. When you own those mistakes then they can no longer control you and the fear is gone. When your life is truly yours that is when you find your divine purpose.

By accident you stumble across it. For me it was teaching a yoga class. The thrill afterwards and the joy, not only to me but others. Follow your passions and they will always lead to your purpose. Create space to be who you are and your purpose will unfold.

But don’t worry if it doesn’t show up straight away. Or maybe you will never find your purpose in life. Maybe your purpose was just to do what you love, consider that? Maybe your purpose is just to breathe.

Also do not worry if your purpose changes. I think there is so much pressure to ‘find your purpose’ in life and then stick to it. But life is an ever changing river. We are different in every moment, in every breath we take. So if our purpose changes then we should honour that. We can lead a life of many purposes and that will be just as sacred as a life committed to one soul purpose. Neither is better or worse.

So my advise to you is to do what you love. In that love maybe you will want to share it with others somehow. To be of service to the divine is what the Bhagavad Gita teaches. But that service should follow your passion, otherwise you won’t be happy.

When you find something you are passionate about grab it by both hands and don’t let go. Follow it wherever it leads, even if you are scared still follow.

Because that passion is what makes us alive.


Do what you love, Be the light.


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