10 Ways To Change Your Life.

My life has changed dramatically over the past 7 months.

Since arriving back from traveling and moving to London a lot has happened, mostly inside of me. It is ironic how I thought that I would ‘find myself’ when I was travelling but in fact the only place I needed to look was within to discover the secret to happiness.

My life has changed and so have I. I have overcome mental health problems and healed the relationships with people in my life. I feel more confident everyday and I’m finally starting to value myself as a person. I want to share this with you all because EVERYONE deserves to feel amazing everyday of their lives. This is so basic but I know many who go through their lives not appreciating themselves. We are all fucking brilliant. I want you to remember that.

These 10 things have changed my life, some in minuscule ways and some more dramatically. Each has played a vital role in getting me to where I am today: Happy and content. At peace. Free.

1. Do yoga

Yoga was the catalyst for my spiritual awakening. It was the perfect bridge from reality to spirituality. I found yoga through fitness, but with the help of some really good teachers it started to change more than just my physical body. Slowly the lessons we learn on the mat creep into your life: Compassion, patience, strength. These are all qualities we cultivate in our yoga practice and then bring into our lives to help us. Yoga isn’t about being good at yoga. It is about being good at LIFE. I would recommend anyone out there to start doing yoga. Find a style that suits you and a teacher who inspires you. Do it at home or in a studio. Do it once a week or everyday. Just do it and see how your life slowly transforms in front of your eyes. A great book for explaining this is Perfectly Imperfect: The Art and Soul of Yoga Practice  by Baron Baptiste. (He explains the power of yoga a lot better than I do!)


2. Go vegan 

I became vegan three years ago but it totally brightened my life. I felt a lot more compassionate and aware. I felt as though I was doing a tiny bit of good in this world, which increased my self worth and happiness. On a physical level my body felt so much better when I wasn’t filling it with animal products. I now eat whatever I want to, feeling amazing and maintaining a healthy weight effortlessly. On not such a selfish level going vegan is essential for the wellbeing of the planet and animals. If you are interested in more information then Earthlings documentary on Netflix is super good and was actually what inspired me to go vegan.

3. Wake up early 

Ok this isn’t essential to happiness but it will change your life. I personally feel a lot better when I wake up early and get things done. I feel productive and awake and ready for the day. Sometimes a tiny alteration to your routine might be the thing to cause the big shift in your  life. Try it and see what happens, how do you feel? Only do what works for you but keep an open mind when exploring the possibilities (however painful getting up at 6am on a Sunday might be.)


4. Meditate (everyday) 

I love meditation. It is essential for me now to function. In the mornings if for some reason I can’t meditate then I find I am pretty tired and grumpy. It has become part of my morning routine now like brushing my teeth. Meditation gives me perspective in my life. When I have that 30 minutes sat on my mat in silence I am able to breathe. I sit there and all my worries float away. I sit there with any emotion I am holding on too and by the end of my meditation it is gone. All our emotions are fleeting experiences yet we hold onto them. We don’t know anything else. But emotions do not define us and are not us. Emotions are just the surface. Underneath is a current of peace and happiness which is our natural state. By meditating everyday it will connect you to this and also reconnect you to your divine inner state- your authentic self. Eventually you will be connected to the Universe. You will realise that all of us are one and it is beautiful.

5. Don’t listen to your negative thoughts

We all have negative thoughts. But we all have a choice. Chose to ignore them and they will fade away. What are these thoughts bringing you in life? Are they serving you? Do they make you happy? No. So chose not to listen to them, do not believe them. Your thoughts are not you. You are what is in your heart, not your head. When you make the commitment not to listen to those negative thoughts then your life slowly becomes brighter. Day by day there is space for thoughts that serve you, thoughts that give you happiness and make you a better person. These are the thoughts you want and the thoughts that will come to you if you chose. Our life is the creation of our mind. 

6. Read some books

Reading has changed my life. There are some pretty incredible people out there with a lot of wisdom to share. One book leads to another and another. There is endless knowledge out there that we can access to better ourselves. When we grow as a person and become the best version of ourselves that is how we are of service to society, to the world. Work on yourself first and then you can help others. This work can be done through learning and reading. I have listed my favourite ever books here and they have all changed my life. They could change yours too…

7. Stop buying things

Something that I have realised lately is that possessions don’t make you happy. I used to buy a lot, and I do mean a lot. I would be buying new stuff every week. I thought that I would be accepted and liked by others if I had lots of stuff: new clothes, the latest shoes etc. It was pretty liberating when I finally came to the conclusion that new things don’t make me happy. I felt like a weight had been removed and now I am free. The moment I stopped buying new things I had a lot more money, that is money for travelling, for better food, or to share with others. I also had more space. I had less things to think about. Seriously my life has been transformed. On top of that I have been getting rid of a lot of possessions that I don’t need. I am proud to say that I now only own 2 pairs of jeans (compared to 20!). In the first limb of yoga, Yama, it teaches us not to be possessive. That is the only way we will realise our true divinity and access the potential of our lives. Free yourself. That is what I say.

8. Get out in nature

I think I have talked about this before. But nature is so beautiful. It is healing and calming and full of creativity and life and energy! The energy we need to feel alive. Getting out in nature, sniffing a flower, walking barefoot, really can transform your day. If you are feeling down maybe turn to nature for the answer instead of alcohol, food, or rubbish tv? That will really change your life. Trust me.

9. Do something for others

What makes me happiest is when I make others happy. A lot of people say our purpose in life is to serve. I would agree, but only after you have served yourself. Make others happy but please don’t neglect yourself. If you are unhappy how can you help others? But if you feel as though your life is missing something then maybe this is it. You could try giving up some time to help a loved one or a charity, or maybe you just want to smile at others more. Whatever you do, do it for love. Do not do it to reap rewards for yourself, but do it purely for other people. The law of attraction will insure that your life gets richer and brighter though. You will not be losing anything; time or money. No. Your life will become more abundant then you could ever imagine and it all starts with something so simple as a smile.

10. Finally.. Tell yourself you are beautiful 

The thing that caused the most dramatic shift in my life wasn’t doing yoga everyday or reading a lot. Yes they helped but my life couldn’t have changed without one tiny thing: Self love. The moment I decided to love myself was the moment my life changed around and I became happy. I know that it doesn’t happen completely overnight like that. You have to work on self love everyday. But it can be done. You can do it now. Tell yourself you are beautiful right now. Tell yourself you are a badass and awesome and just the best. You are the best version of yourself right now. The universe intends you to be exactly how you are right now. You do not need to change in this moment you are perfect. Consider that. Seriously the moment you start loving yourself and give yourself what you deserve is the moment that your life begins. I thought it wasn’t possible. But it is. You are so so worthy.

If you would like any help with this (because it can seem daunting) then read Mel Well’s book The Goddess Revolution. She is absolutely amazing and has transformed so many women’s lives. She speaks the truth and directly to you. It is one of the books that has changed my life the most.

Ok, I hope that was helpful, in any way. Please let me know! I just want people out there to know that life doesn’t have to be shit. Trust me. Our lives have the potential to be so beautiful and just full of possibilities. All we need is a simple shift and then we can never look back. I am so grateful for all the learning and experiences I have had in my life. All the many shifts I have had. If we could share these and help other people grow and blossom then how beautiful would the world be.

We are all divine.



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