One day I will be happy…

Recently I have found this thought entering my head quite often: ‘One day I will be happy… When I’m doing a job I love, living somewhere warm, or just on my next holiday. Then I will be happy.’

No. Just no.

I had to catch myself in the process of thinking this (multiple times) and correct it instantly. We cannot think like this! Happiness isn’t some far off concept that we wish for in the future. Happiness is available for us right here and now. Happiness is a choice.

Last week I started university and I will be honest, it is not something my heart is pulling me to do. By this I mean it is not my ‘calling’ and before I even started the course I knew that it wasn’t really my path.

This is wrong for many many reasons, all probably too complicated to go into here. But the thing I have found interesting is that I have been telling myself ‘ I will be happy when I have finished university.’

This is ridiculous. Firstly, I finish in three years time, so to spend three whole years of my life telling myself I will be happy when they are over just seems like a waste to me.

Also, when the event you have placed happiness on (in my case finishing uni) arrives, will you be happy? Many of us reach those events in life and find that we feel unfulfilled. There is a dramatic let down and we feel empty. Why place your happiness on an event that might not even guarantee your happiness? Can you really wait for that?

When I noticed I was having this thought of ‘I will be happy then…’ I started thinking. It seemed to me we all have a choice. If we can tell ourselves I will be happy then, why can’t we change it too I will be happy now?

This felt very empowering. Instead of walking around with that heavy, negative energy, I felt lighter. It felt as though some stuck energy had been unblocked and now I was free.

Happiness is always there for us. We just have to change our perspective, and then we see.


I watched a really good youtube video summing up everything that I have trying to say here. It is by Mel Wells, one of my favourite people ever, and author of The Goddess Revolution which literally changed my life. I definitely recommend checking her out!

It is important to catch ourselves thinking these things so we can correct our thoughts. Otherwise it is easy to fall into that trap of constantly yearning for happiness but believing it is out of our reach. Trust me, happiness is totally within reach. In fact it is already there, in the palm of your hand, waiting for you to realise the truth.

So I thought it would be helpful to end this blog post with three books that I feel contain the secret to our happiness… These are:

  1. The Chimp Paradox: The Mind Management Programme to Help You Achieve Success, Confidence and Happiness This is a more scientific approach to happiness and how to achieve it systematically and practically. The method can be used by anyone and has the power to transform lives, all backed up with evidence!
  2. Jonathan Livingston Seagull This book was given to me by my dad and is a lovely parable about doing what you love and what brings you joy. It is a very short book and a lovely read.
  3. The Bhagavad Gita: A Walkthrough for Westerners Gandhi referred to this book as a ‘spiritual dictionary.’ It contains all the truths and secrets to happiness. They say that anything not in the Gita, and the larger Mahabharata, isn’t real. It is the backbone for all yoga teachings, and is what I am currently reading at the moment.


    Remember happiness is a choice. And you can chose to be happy right now. Easy.


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