Vegan Banana Pancakes

I had no uni today so I was luckily enough to start my weekend early. This meant morning yoga and making vegan pancakes!

When I have to leave early in the morning for uni (or anything else), I miss doing yoga so much. I find when I do yoga first thing it totally wakes me up and leaves me feeling amazing for the rest of the day. So this morning I felt very grateful to be able to practice.

I finished at around 11, which meant it was brunch time. My boyfriend gave me the idea to make pancakes before he left this morning, and since then I haven’t been able to get the idea out of my head. They came out so well that I thought I would share the recipe with you all. I am now sat here with a belly full of pancakes and a big smile on my face.

Also, this recipe is vegan (of course), gluten free and refined sugar free! So they are super healthy, at the same time as being indulgent and delicious. The perfect post-yoga meal.




  • Firstly, mix your chia seeds with double the amount of water and leave in the fridge to firm up. 20 minutes is enough for this to happen. This creates a gel like consistency that works perfectly as an egg replacement.
  • In a large bowl, mash your bananas with a fork. A note on the bananas: They should be really really ripe and spotty. This means they taste a lot sweeter and are also easier to digest!


  • Add 3tbsp of your chia ‘egg’ to the banana mixture and the flour.
  • Mix the batter, if it is too thick then add a little plant-based milk just to get it to the consistency that you like. Mine looked like this: (not so photogenic I am sorry)


  • Now time to fry your pancakes! So I used a non-stick pan so you don’t need oil. Also I have found after many years of trying (and failing) at pancakes that they turn out so much better when you are patient. (This may be obvious to some people but took me a while to figure out..) When they begin to bubble and have air holes then that means they are cooked on the under side and are ready to flip!
  • Cook all your pancakes and then top with whatever you like! I used coconut yogurt, blueberries and cacao nibs which was a really good combination!




You can also check out the video of how I make these beauties on my  youtube channel.

I hope you enjoy!!



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