Vegan Skincare Favourites

Since becoming vegan three years ago I am proud to say that I have now live in a 100% vegan household. My boyfriend is also vegan, so obviously all the food in our flat is vegan. But not only that, I have also transitioned all my cosmetics and other products to being cruelty free!

I didn’t do this overnight. Unfortunately it was too expensive (and I thought wasteful) just to discard everything I was using for something new. Also pretty un-environmentally friendly. However over the past few years I have been replacing my old products when finished with vegan ones (of course) and slowly I have been discovering my favourites.

After some trial and error, I think I have settled on this list as my recommendations. All these products are so good that the moment they are finished I just have to buy them again. I simply cannot live without!

This list is of EVERYTHING I use, and may seem rather short to some people. This is because I don’t wear any make up and really try to keep what I buy to a minimum. I go for quality over quantity, and that is also why some of the items are a bit pricey. But I assure you they are worth every penny.

And of course, all the items on my list are things that I use everyday! They work so well for me that I wanted to share them with you too!

First lets do the shower products. I use Sukin Body Wash which I love because it is free from sulphates and paraffins. Also I have super sensitive skin so I have to be careful what I put on it. I have struggled with eczema since I was a child, and a lot of shower gels irritate my skin if they are overly perfumed. This one doesn’t irritate my skin in any way whilst still smelling amazing, so it is a win win. I also use the Sukin Revitalising Facial Scrub for the same reason that it is vegan and doesn’t irritate or dry out my skin.

For shampoo I use the Faith In Nature Tea Tree Shampoo because it isn’t too expensive! My boy friend uses Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Shampoo. We both use the Sukin Moisture Restore Conditioner because it leaves your hair feeling so smooth it is unreal!

Oh and I also use Frank Original Coffee Scrub in the shower which I love and helps to keep my legs smooth, but unlike other scrubs it doesn’t dry them out.


Like I said before my skin has always been pretty sensitive and dry from a young age. But I found that when I lathered on lots of moisturiser it would give me spots, which was annoying. For a long time I thought I had no other option. Until I found Neal’s Yard. I know they are expensive and that is why I only buy their moisturiser, but in my opinion it is worth it. It always keeps my face in the right balance, between oily or dry. It also smells super nice. I have also used the Sukin facial moisturiser in the past, this is less expensive but works just as well.

I always use coconut oil  as a moisturiser for the rest of my body. This is because it smells divine and I have found is really good for my eczema.


Finally, I use The Body Shop Vanilla Body Mist just to finish. It is not overpowering but leaves me smelling nice.


Our skin is our biggest organ. For a long time I have neglected mine, thinking it was unimportant. How wrong I was. What we put on our skin affects our health and our happiness. It can also impact the planet. Buying good quality, vegan, and environmentally friendly products makes such a big difference, and trust me you will notice it.

When my skin is glowing it makes me so much happier.

You are worth it guys.


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  1. My boyfriend and I have tried being vegan for the past couple years. We can usually pump out a couple good months but then we drift away from it. Living in a small town in the middle of nowhere means it’s really hard for us to get good resources from the grocery stores that are an hour away from my house. It’s such a struggle 😂 We really want to do this but we can’t find a good time

    1. I totally understand you, before we moved to London me and my boyfriend lived in the middle of the countryside where no one had ever heard of veganism! I recommend watching documentaries such as ‘earthlings’ or ‘what the health’ to find motivation and then maybe it will be easier? good luck anyways! Even just eating less animal products makes SUCH a massive impact to the planet, it is awesome!!x

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