Vishuddha – The Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is a very important chakra. It represents speaking our truth.

Sometimes in life it is hard to understand and know what our divine purpose is. We are unsure how to live by our ‘truth’ people talk about all the time.

This is where the fifth chakra comes in. When we put energy into unblocking vishuddha, our throat chakra, it helps us realise our truth. It also leads to the confidence to live by our truth and be our honest selves all through life.


So how can we unblock our throat chakra then?

There are many ways to do this. Firstly bringing mindfulness into your life is essential. You can do this by meditation, and starting to become present in all situations. Think about what you say and do. Does it feel aligned with who you are? How does your heart respond when you are acting this way? Our hearts give us a good indication of whether we are acting from our authentic self. If our heart says no then we should trust that answer.

Another way to unblock our throat chakra is to work through anything we might be carrying that will prevent us from speaking our truth. Release negative emotions you are holding on too (yoga is great for this) and cry it all out. Sometimes that is all we need to shift the energy and heal the blockage.

Something you can also do is incorporate the colour blue into your life. Vishuddha is blue, so surrounding yourself with that colour can help open the chakra and thus let the energy flow.

My final suggestion is journal. Get real with yourself and write down everything that comes to mind. Set a timer for 10 minutes and just write write write. Don’t worry about what you write, just make sure you are putting pen to paper. Very often in a meditative exercise like this things will come up that we didn’t even know were there. By reading through your journal later you may be able to understand yourself better and find your truth. If that doesn’t happen don’t worry, if you continue journaling it will slowly open your throat chakra and you may not even realise. One day you will find you are living from your authentic self naturally, without having to change anything, it will just happen!IMG_0252

Living from your authentic self has amazing repercussions. We feel happier, more confident, satisfied, and realise our true self worth. It feels empowering to make decisions from a place of knowledge about what is best for YOU. Being in charge of your own life is what it is all about!

We all have truth within us. The hard part is discovering it. Once we find it and live by it then our lives are transformed.

I urge you all to find your truth.

Find your truth and never let it go.


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