Honour Yourself (30 day challenge)

Something I have been working on recently is honouring myself. This has been hard for me since I have practically spent all of my life putting myself down, so to break the thought patterns takes effort. Since I have started this I have seen some changes, I have attracted people into my life and have had a few pretty cool opportunities open up to me, all of these I know I have manifested through honouring myself.

This needs work though. It is not a ‘quick fix and you can forget about it’ type of thing. Everyday attention and energy must be spent on honouring yourself and telling yourself you are worthy. I have came up with a solution to this: a 30-day challenge. In this challenge I will honour myself everyday. I will do something everyday that is devoted to me and will be honouring myself.

Others are welcome to join if they like. In fact I urge everyone to join in! This is something that can be made easier the more people who join and can help each other. I know it is something we can all benefit from. We all put ourselves down from time to time, or all the time, depending on who you are. We live our lives for others and forget about ourselves. To help the others in our life we have to honour and respect ourself first. That is the only way.

The challenge will also include self inquiry into exactly why we are not honouring ourselves. By understand this then we can give up the lie we are telling ourselves and make some life changing changes!

I think one of the reasons I don’t honour myself is that deep deep down I have this belief that I am not good enough. It was something installed into me almost as much as 10 years ago, and since then I have been struggling with it. All the problems I have had in life: my eating disorder, anxiety, bad relationships with family, all that comes from this lie I have been telling myself.

I have found sometimes speaking my truth to be difficult, especially in front of a group of people. The lie of ‘I am not good enough’ manifests with me not having confidence in certain situations. I don’t think I am worthy of being in the light, I linger because I think that what I have to say is unimportant, and then the moment passes.

I want to give this up, so badly. The only way I will do this is through honouring myself and believing that what I have to say is totally worth hearing and important!

Leading on from this, todays challenge- day 1: Is to speak up. So get that what you have to say, what I have to say, is special. We should speak our truths and not be afraid to say them. Honour yourself by saying what you wanting to say. Speak up in your life for yourself. Make sure you have your own back.

So join me today and over the next 30 days, honour yourself and see what you can manifest in your life by making that change.

Trust me it is worth it.

You are so worth it.



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