Setting An Intention In Your Yoga Practice

Ok. So day 2 of the honour yourself 30 day challenge. (I do need to come up with a better name for that !) Yesterday went ok. I sort of forgot the goal I had set myself. But I found that I was subconsciously honouring myself in my actions. For example, I was making decisions based on how I would feel afterwards, and it didn’t take that much effort. In my yoga practice I ignored my ego and did the practice that my body needed and not what looked good or advanced to others. I felt that it took less will power to stick to the positive choices I was making.


So leading on from that I want to talk about setting an intention in your yoga practice. The challenge of day two is to devote your yoga practice to honouring yourself. This may be foreign to some people. We often devote our practice to others or set an intention such as have fun or feel good. But I want everyone to devote a practice only to themselves. 

Does this sound selfish to you? I don’t know. It did to me at first. I dismissed the idea thinking that I really don’t need to devote my yoga practice to me! By going to yoga that is already putting myself first. I don’t need to do it even more do I?

But we do. We so do. Never think that you have put yourself first too much. Putting yourself first is essential to living a happy life. Be selfish, but see it as self love!

And when we devote our yoga practice to ourselves and we set the intention to honour ourself throughout the whole practice something really magical happens. I am getting a mix of emotions now just thinking about it: excited, nervous, awakened, inspired. I can’t describe the feeling but others will know what I’m talking about. Do you know the bliss you experience sometimes at the end of a really amazing yoga class? That happens. That happens when you honour yourself in your practice. You lose yourself and connect to something much deeper and larger than yourself. Every breath you take is in honour of yourself and every pose you move into is serving you in that moment. It is really divine.

Yoga turns into a prayer for yourself. That prayer can manifest the life that right now you can only dream about. And it all starts on your mat.

Take a breath and devote it to yourself.

Move in your flow and devote it to yourself.

Set your intention as to honour yourself. Honour yourself on the mat and then take it off the mat, into your life. Take it with you always and keep it as your intention.

But for today the challenge is just to honour yourself in your practice.

See what happens.

Today is the beginning of a new dream. 



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Live your dream.

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