Day 3 – Say No

The challenge for today is to say no. Can you do it?

Think about saying no to the things in your life that aren’t honouring you. That could be something big like an ungrateful person or a lifestyle habit (e.g. smoking); it could be something minuscule like saying no to watching rubbish tv today because that is not serving you.. It can be anything.

Take a deep breath in this moment and look around. What is serving you right here and now. What can you say yes too. What isn’t serving you so well and what can you say no too. Do this in this exact moment where you are reading this.

Then try to do it in other moments throughout your day. Take a deep breath and say yes to what is serving you and no to what isn’t.

Maybe you get in a fight with someone and you’re frustrated and want to argue back. Say no to taking it out on them because this will not honour you. It will not make you feel good.

Today I said no to handstands and many chaturangas in my yoga practice. My shoulder started hurting, nothing bad but it was uncomfortable. Sometimes I would ignore it and push through. Today I honoured myself and said no to anything that would make it worse. I used a brick in my bridge and relaxed. Taking the pressure off my shoulders and focusing on my breath. I skipped chaturanga and went straight to down dog, stretching out my shoulder and honouring myself.

Sometimes saying no and honouring yourself means not living up to your expectations of yourself. That may be hard. You may feel disappointed, guilty, sad.

But knowing that we did our best in that moment is all we can ever do. And sometimes doing our best means saying no.

If you do your best in the search for personal freedom, in the search for self-love, you will discover that it’s just a matter of time before you find what you are looking for. It’s not about daydreaming or sitting for hours dreaming in meditation. You have to stand up and be a human. You have to honour the man or women that you are. 


*Passage from The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.


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