We are only human…

After all this, all the reading I have done and the yoga. The meditation every morning and journalling. Everything I have done and I am doing now. I am still human.

It frustrates me when I get upset over tiny things in life, I feel like I should be above them or immune to them maybe, I understand more of the world now and of myself. I definitely admit that I don’t understand everything. I understand the tiniest amount of anything in the world. But I do know that when you react to a situation in a certain way it gets worse yet if you look with a clear head then things are usually better..

And yet, after all that I still don’t do it when the time comes. I get frustrated. I snap. I get upset over little things and make my life harder. We are all only human, I think we should remember this.

We should stop being so hard on ourselves. If we mess up then so what! Try again. I have made many mistakes today and thought many things that weren’t serving me, they weren’t honouring me and what I need. But part of that is forgiving yourself and agreeing to try again. Again and again. Even if that is multiple times in the day. You are honouring yourself by forgiving yourself for whatever you may have done, however you may have reacted, it is all in the past now.

This is hard for me. Sometimes I feel so inspired and so on top of the world that I seriously don’t think that anything can affect me. The stresses of daily life I brush away and laugh them off. Yet that isn’t always the case. Some days that completely doesn’t happen. Today I found myself comparing myself to everyone else around me and the thoughts just spiralled out of control. I couldn’t help it and just became more and more self conscious. But tomorrow is a new day and I will try again to honour myself by only submitting to the thoughts that serve me.

The message here and what I am desperately trying to say is that we need to forgive ourselves and honour ourselves by not expecting us to be perfect 100% of the time. I am writing this today because I need to here it more than anyone else. As always the more I write the better I feel. Sharing these thoughts helps me process them and release them from my being. I hope it helps others too. When we are able to relate to others it forms a connection and we can learn. Even more importantly than that though, we remember that we are not alone in this world. Sometimes I forget that.

All of us, whoever we are and wherever we are in the world. We are all feeling the same emotions. All suffering the same things. All experiencing the same joys.

We are all human after all.



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  1. Thanks for writing what you just did. Just had the same experience; 2 steps forward, everything good supportive thoughts and then “bang”, 5 steps back to a mode I thought I had left long time ago. Like you say; we are humans. Your post made my day 🙂 thanks

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