What To Do When You Get Sick

So today I am sick.

I was totally fine this morning: I woke up early, went for a run, biked to uni and felt great. But the moment I sat down in my Sanskrit class my throat started to burn, and by the end of the class I had a full blown cold.

Instead of playing the victim and feeling sorry for myself (like I would have probably done in the past), I am turning this into an opportunity to practice honouring myself.

If I am honest I didn’t really manage to stick to the 30-day challenge to honour myself actively every day. I guess life sort of got in the way. So maybe this is a gentle reminder from the universe to slow down and put myself first..

In order to achieve this today I am making 3 active steps to honour myself and also change a would be ‘negative’ situation into a positive one.

Firstly, I am filling my body with nutritious food. I splashed my cash (slightly) today and bought some turmeric and ginger juice. Usually I try to be mindful with what I spend my money on and I would see it as a ‘waste’ to buy juice. But today I really needed all the extra nutrients. I think sometimes I get caught up in trying to live on a budget and save money that I forget to honour myself by buying good quality food that my body needs. Ever heard the saying ‘Treat your body like a temple’? What about ‘We are what we eat’? This is so true, especially when you are sick. It is so important to get all the nutrients in and really honour ourselves by spending that extra money on our health.

Secondly todayI am taking it easy. I refuse to feel guilty for not doing as much as I would usually do when I am not sick. This is something I always struggle with. I compare myself to old versions of me in the past and if I don’t live up to the ‘old me’ then I feel bad or guilty, I forget that I am a completely different person now. For example it is always tempting to compare my weight or fitness to what it was a year ago when I ran 10k everyday and was super conscious about what I ate. Obviously now I am a lot healthier both physically and mentally, but even still I sometimes look back at how I used to be.

We live in the present and not the past. I have no wish to move backwards and that is why I always catch myself out when I find myself comparing ‘present me’ to the ‘past me’. Applying this to my cold, I am not going to compare myself to how I was yesterday. I am not going to put expectations on myself just because I did something yesterday, it doesn’t mean that I should have to ‘accomplish’ it today. I am honouring myself by living in the present and listening to what my body needs TODAY!

Finally, sort of leading on from that point I am going to be free of judgement. I think when we get sick it isn’t either good or bad. It simply is what it is. Our body needs a rest and so it has caught a cold. We should honour that and give it the time it needs. Putting judgements on your body or the state of your life will never change anything, it only makes you view these situations in a negative light. By saying that a cold is bad it turns the situation into a negative one and thus negative emotions will follow. By simply accepting a cold for what it is then you can be at peace and adapt your life to accommodate that. Sometimes I feel as though there is pressure to have an amazing life all the time, and if something not so great happens (even just a cold) we get very upset. Life will never be only good. It is a winding path of emotions. It goes through seasons and we must accept this. So that is what I am doing today. Sitting down and accepting my cold.

Reminders like these frequently happen in my life. Reminders to take care of myself, slow down, lower expectations. I find they always come at the exact time that I need them most. It is no coincidence. We should honour these and really listen to the lessons the universe is trying to teach us.

I really want to embody this ‘honouring myself’ for 2018 and it is something that I am working on everyday.

Step by step I am getting there and this cold is a great opportunity for me to practice.

We are all so so special and we should love ourselves no matter what.



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