When I first read Baron Baptiste’s book Being of Power, he said that he thought growth was the meaning of life.

I had a hard time comprehending this. Firstly I thought that my life was brilliant and I didn’t know why I would want to grow anymore, I thought I was happy where I was at. Secondly, I think I had been brainwashed by society a bit. We aren’t taught that personal growth is important. Yes we are taught to ‘grow’ our grades at school and grow what is in our bank accounts, but no one has ever mentioned to me that I should try and grow who I am.

So this is why I had a hard time trying to understand that growth might be the meaning of life.

Reflecting back on this now I can see that my mental attitudes have changed so much. I have opened my mind to possibilities instead of taking what I was told for granted. This has changed my perception and my reality.

Now when I think about growth being our purpose in life, I think that could be possible. I don’t think we can ever say yes or no; nothing is as easily defined as those two small words, especially the meaning of life. But we can open our eyes to new possibilities.

I am now on a path to becoming the best version of myself. Finally growth has evolved into my reason for being. I know that when I become my highest self, that is when I will be of most service to humanity, when we all will be!

The path of self growth never ends, but it is beautiful and will take you to very unexpected places, trust me. Sometimes I get a glimpse of my most divine being and I know I am doing the right thing by pursuing her.

Sometimes, however, I waver. I doubt myself and seem to take steps backwards. Yesterday was one of those days. I had the perfect day and did everything I needed to do to nurture myself and really feel fulfilled. But conversations with my family but tiny doubts in my head. They no longer have dreams and ideas of growth. They have reached where they want to go and are now stuck. I think this is maybe why they can’t comprehend my (possibly extreme) ideas for my life. I dream big and I am not afraid to go there. Life is too short not too. And what have you to lose anyway?

I find being around other people who do not believe the same things you do can be very draining. It puts doubts into my mind and it takes courage to have the confidence to stick to what I believe in and what I know. I need to take time for myself to recharge and remind myself why I am on this planet. Remind myself that only I know what is my purpose and follow my intuition no matter what. Even if my parents, who I trust so much tell me different things, I have to trust myself first.

Me and my dad had an interesting conversation about this. He believed that we should serve humanity first in order to be happy. But I see it the other way round. We should serve ourselves and then we will truly be able to serve others. By reaching your highest potential that will almost certainly involve helping others along your path and helping them to realise their potential as well. But we can only reach our highest divine self with a lot of inner work. This may sound selfish to some but to me it doesn’t. We have energy to give, but I think giving it to yourself first is so important.

What I am trying to say is fill up your own cup first, but then don’t stop. Turn to those around you and fill up theirs and let the abundance flow.

Imagine what this planet would be like if we all got close to our highest divine self. How magical that would be.

So yes, Baron Baptise might have been right when he said that the meaning of life is to grow. Through growth everything else will align, and will fulfil our reason for being here.

I have so much love for every single being out there.

And so much excitement for the future because great things are going to happen.

We will rise up together.



If you want to change your perception on dreams then I highly recommend readingĀ The Alchemist, it will give you the courage to achieve your most wildest dreams.

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