My Mantra For Today

I do not long for where I am not, I appreciate where I am.

I am back in the countryside visiting my parents, after living in London since January. When I am in London I find myself longing to be in the countryside, in nature, surrounded by green. I was so excited to go home and found myself counting down the days until I was back where I thought I belonged.

Now I am here I find myself missing London. I miss the advantages of living in London: the fact my yoga studio is a five minute walk away, the company of my boyfriend, the constant stimulation. Today this came to the surface and I found myself irritable and just wishing to be back in London.

To try and shift my mood I took my dog out for a walk. Exercise or fresh air always manages to shift any stuck negative energy I have and makes me feel ten times better. Today was exactly the same. I planned just to walk to the end of the field, but I found myself walking and walking. I just kept going and didn’t want to turn back. The outdoors calmed me and I was able to release the frustration I had been feeling. I observed my dog, how happy she always is and also how present. Being around her instantly made me feel happier too.

When I was walking I realised that the negativity I was feeling could be traced back to one simple thing: the fact I wished I was somewhere else. The more I thought about it the more ridiculous it seemed to me! I laughed at myself and decided that I would be content with wherever I was.

I found myself repeating this phrase to myself: I do not long for where I am not, I appreciate where I am. The more I said it the more I breathed life into the statement and I started to feel its power. I started saying it louder with more conviction. Telling the forest it with all my heart.

It has turned into my mantra today and I will continue to remind myself of this when I forget. I feel so much happier now and more relaxed. I can enjoy exactly where I am, without wishing I was somewhere else. I am forgetting about the future and just living in the now.

Two hours later I came home with a big smile on my face. I walked barefooted the rest of the way and felt the mud in my toes. The weather seemed to get a bit brighter and the wood seemed more beautiful then it had yesterday.


Perception is everything. When we let go of unnecessary desires it can change our world around.

I have learnt a lot today and I am so grateful.




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